San Diego Hotel Rooms – A “Home-From-Home” Hotel

Owners of boutique hotels strive to provide guests with an experience during their stay. They want them to feel pampered by the service and comfortable with the atmosphere, but most of all, they want guests to feel at home. This is difficult to achieve in a hotel environment and relies on good use of space, creative design and high service standards to succeed.

Public spaces

Since public spaces are important in any hotel, it should be put to particularly good use in a botique hotel. No matter whether the hotel is in a large mansion or a three-storey town house, making people feel at home in a place they are paying to stay in is a challenge. Public areas must be open enough to allow people their own space, without making the room feel bare or unfriendly. They must also have comfortable furniture, so that guests can relax, and a variety of lighting, so that guests can read, eat or just talk. With San Diego Hotel Rooms, you will surely experience this. The “shoes off” or “barefoot” attitude is what these hotels are famous for, since guests don’t feel obliged to dress up or follow certain formalities during their stay.


The details of your room are what makes you feel at home. The extra details that turn a contemporary hotel room into a boutique hotel room make it unique since the usual concept of a hotel room modified. These details include creative bathroom solutions, antique furniture, quality linens, internet access and flat screen TVs. In addition, freshly-lit candles and exclusive toiletries create a luxurious but comfortable space. You’ll get this great feature with San Diego Hotel Rooms.


What’s not so pleasant with large hotels is that the staff can never know who you are, where you’ve come from or why you’re visiting. This is something that doesn’t happen in boutique hotels. Since there are fewer bedrooms in hotels of this type, there are often more staff than guests which leads to high levels of personal service. Staff know your name and your room number and, in some of the more exclusive boutique hotels, they find out what you like before you even get there, so that it can be provided on arrival.

For those who experience staying in a luxury hotel for the first time, they seem to be struck by how different the design, ambience and service is from a standard hotel. As a guest, you immediately feel more relaxed and comfortable and this in turn contributes to the ‘”home-from-home” feeling that many guests remark on.

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