The Benefits of a Nationwide Farm Loan Lender

Many people question the rationality of searching for a nationwide farm loan lender instead of approaching the local bank for farm credit. Looking objectively into the issue, a host of reasons can be found that make a nation wide farm loan lender a much better choice for a borrower than his local banker. Among the foremost reasons, a few like relationships, expertise in farm credit and longer repayment schedules stand out prominently in favor of a nationwide farm lender.

As a farmer or farm owner, it is necessary for you to share a good and close relationship with your lender. There can be many instances where it will be advantageous for you to have an established relationship with your creditor in order to have the financial work related to your farm smoothly disposed.

If you require a farm loan having decided to expand by purchasing another farm in a different geographical area, your local bank may not be in a position to help you, as their operations may not extend to the new place. This means that you will need to look for another lender, freshly introduce yourself, and once again obtain credit as a new borrower as the lender goes about seeking fresh financial information about you. You will also be unsure of receiving fair and honest treatment. This can be a big problem. When you deal with a national farm loan lender you benefit from your earlier relationship and reputation that you have built over time and can confidently go ahead to select farm property/equipment anywhere in the country. Imagine the convenience of reduced hassles.

Then your local bank’s familiarity with farm loans may be restricted to dealing with only the type of produce or farm(s) in the region e.g. wheat farms. If you decide to switch/diversify in some different type of farming, they may lack the necessary expertise to offer you advice on the pros and cons of your new venture. A nationwide farm loan lender has exposure to and knowledge of different farm loans – vineyards, strawberry farms, wheat farms, dairies, hog/cattle farms, hobby farms, gentlemen farms or any other type. Therefore, whatever be the type of your fresh agricultural venture, a nationwide farm loan lender will be the ideal choice for you.

The size of a loan and the rate of interest for the loan are potential factors that will influence your choice of a lender for your farm loan. Banks located in rural areas are relatively small in size with much less capital as compared to nationwide lenders. Interest rates for all loans are subject to fluctuations. Fixed rate farm loans are difficult to obtain. Even if one is made available by a local bank, it is usually for a short period of not more that five years. With nationwide farm loan lenders, it is possible to negotiate and obtain fixed interest rate farm loans repayable in twenty to thirty years on interest rates comparable with rates applicable to five year fixed interest rate loans offered by local banks.

There are multiple advantages of taking a farm loan from a nationwide farm loan lender. You must give careful consideration to them before you actually secure credit for your agricultural needs.

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