Rapid Movement Printing Technology – Revolutionary Technology That Can Print On Any Flat Surface

Printer portability is the technology that is in demand today. Rapid movement printing technology is a brand new system that enables motion printing technology and obliterates the need for a paper tray. As expected, this has spawned a range of cordless, easy-to-handle products that can be held in your hand quite like a scanning device to print images and texts on virtually any flat surface.

Rapid movement printing technology-enabled printers are easy to use and convenient because of the absence of cords and wires. You can choose any surface to print your texts or images, from traditional paper and fabrics to boxes and even walls and flat wooden surfaces. You need to send the chosen file from your PC, laptop, PDA, or any other portable device to your printer. Your portable device is now ready to print over the chosen surface. All you have to do is move the device over the surface like a scanning instrument. The feeling is akin to moving a can of spray paint in its digital form.

Rapid movement printing technology is an amazing printing technology that makes printing a completely portable task. It is estimated that using the technology globally would result in saving of a whopping 325,000 metric tons of raw materials and close to 300 terra watt per hour of electricity.

The global photo printer industry is worth several billion dollars and it is only a matter of time when the demand for such a product would be felt in the market. The portable printer has an in-built camera and is compatible with devices like your personal computer and smart phone. The device currently prints strokes from left to right, but the technology is being expanded to allow the printer to work in reverse navigation mode too to make the printing process faster.

Cordless printers using the rapid movement printing technology are sprightly and have a youthful appeal. The images are sharp and crystal clear and look much better than the images obtained through traditional printers. The printer weighs about 350 grams and is easy to carry; it is no larger than the latest cell phone model and most importantly, it is environment-friendly too. The rechargeable battery can save you significantly on power consumption.

The technology in the printer comprises a high-end micro controller, cartridge, memory card, and a field-programmable gate array. Manufacturers are investing heavily in R&D to compress all these elements into a tiny chip that can be used with a much smaller cartridge. This can help in further reducing the size of the portable printer and possibly, make it more affordable than present.

Fewer moving parts and minimal energy consumption is what makes this printer greener than others. Printing is quick, hassle-free, and can be done by anyone.

Rapid movement printing technology can print about 500 photos with a low-yield ink cartridge and nearly 1,200 photos with a high-yield cartridge. A fully charged battery can create nearly 100 prints with the current technology. A wireless printer can print at 400 mm per second when working at the maximum speed. The maximum print output is a 4 X 6″ portrait.

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