Is a Technology Franchise Right for Me?

If you have any experience in the computing and telecommunications industries, a technology franchise could be the perfect fit. There’s no denying that technology is a booming industry. Over 75% of American households own and use a computer. Cell phone usage has been steadily climbing since the late 70s, and today it’s estimated that over a billion people own and use cell phones worldwide. These are just two areas in which your knowledge of technology can help you own and operate a successful technology franchise.

One of the best reasons for starting a technology franchise is the demand for these types of services in the marketplace. Technology changes so fast that there is always a large percentage of the population who needs help with technology-related issues. Whether it’s installing a program on their computer, managing their cell phone or creating a website for their business, your role as a technology business owner can help bridge the gap between their needs and their knowledge.

Mobile computer repair is one of the largest sectors in the world of technology franchises. Computers are so integral to daily life that people can no longer wait a few days or weeks to get their computer back from a repair shop. They’re looking for the convenience of having someone come to their home and repair their computer in a matter of hours. There is a huge demand for quick and reliable service and owning a Computer Medics franchise allows you to meet that demand.

Computer Medics has a proven business model that will give you a leg up in the world of computer repair. The parent company will provide you with training, support and tools that you need to have success with your technology franchise. As you work, you build long-term relationships with your clients based on your trust and professionalism. For someone with experience in IT or strong interest in computers, this could be the perfect technology franchise.

Businesses also have a need for technology support just like independent consumers. Concerto Networks is a technology franchise that taps into this growing need. As a Concerto Networks business owner you’ll be able to help small to medium-sized businesses manage the technology that helps them make money on a daily basis. From computers and the internet, to phones and PDAs, Concerto Networks technicians help businesses run efficiently.

Another option in the technology franchise industry is cartridge refilling. Considering the price of new ink cartridges for printers, it’s easy to understand why this is a booming business. Cartridge Depot is a technology franchise that aims at changing the way people buy ink and toner. With this business, you sell remanufactured cartridges that offer the same quality as new cartridges for just a percentage of the price. Not only does this technology business allow you to help others, but as you recycle cartridges for your customers you will be helping the environment as well.

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