Traveling To The Philippines? Know Your Travel Agency!

The Philippine Travel Agency market is currently a burgeoning success. As sound government policies on tourism takes primacy along with the natural beauty of the Philippines, different travel agents have regarded the Philippines as one of the fastest growing Asian destinations.

With the magnificent Philippine beach resort and beaches in tow, the best and cost effective travel agents look at Philippines as a choice recommendation for their tourist clients. With the impressive hospitality of its people, the Philippines has a wide collection of Philippine travel agents eager to bring the spectacular side of the Philippines to its market.

The Major Travel Agencies in the Philippines

● iTravel Philippines

One reputable Philippine Travel Agency is iTravel Philippines. iTravel follows it commitment to bring inspiration and encouraging travelers to look at the islands for nature tripping and eco-tourism. With their slogan, “Experience Paradise and Wonders in the Philippines,” they feature the most popular and scenic destinations such as the capital heartland of Manila, the exotic island of Bohol and the ever popular Boracay. Their online booking form makes it easy to select travel destinations and make hassle-free and instant travel commitments.

● WOW Philippines Travel Agency

In the world of Philippine travel, one of the most respected names is WOW Philippines Travel Agency. Based in Santa Ana, Manila, they provide the best link to the hot spots in the Philippines including Puerto Galera, Batangas, and Subic Bay. Their discount travel packages include casual travel and tours, honeymoon or wedding events, diving packages that feature the best diving spots in the archipelago and golf packages for the corporate buff. WOW Philippines Travel Agency runs on excellent customer service and outstanding loyalty to their clients. Their travel services include hotel and resort reservations, conference or banquet reservations, prime class flight to Boracay, car rental, and guidance on tourist’s traveling papers.

● Scorpio Travel & Tours Inc. is a world class tour operator and Philippine Travel Agency. Scorpio Travel has garnered numerous awards and accreditation including the Philippine Marketing Excellence Award. It is a member of the Philippine Travel and Tourism Council and a number of other reputable agency organizations. Their array of services include visa consultation, international and domestic tours, international and domestic ticketing, cruises, travel insurance, meetings and conventions, and health and wellness tours. Its competitive prices and dynamic marketing strategy makes it one of the most popular Philippine Travel Agency with international recognition.

● Royal Vacations Travel and Tours is a Canadian company offering balikbayan rates to Filipinos and every other tourist interested in visiting the Philippines. Their Toronto-based location allows for a very diverse client based services giving dynamic charisma to the Canadian and American travelers who are impressed with Royal Vacations Travel and Tours. They offer the most affordable rates for Canadian residents, Americans, and Filipinos alike. As they are a full service travel agency, they also order travel and tour packages to the delight of their clients.

● Blue Horizons Travel and Tours is one of the biggest wholesale travel agency that handles tourist from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Their diverse set of services seeks to bring out the pearl beauty of the Philippines. Such services are sightseeing tours, multi-lingual tour guides, study tours, conventions, and more. For those interested in diving and gold they have specific tour packages to bring out these experiences to you.

The Alliance of Philippine Travel Agencies (APTA) is a consortium of domestic and international Philippine travel agents whose aim is to provide the best and most professional travel experience for the casual and business tourist. Duly recognized by the Philippines’ Department of Tourism, APTA also provides consultations, and recommendations to the tourism sector for a strategic plan to develop the country as a prime tourist spot in Asia. Its member travel agencies are Airfair International, Asian Pacific Travel, Garden State Travel NY, Pacific Asia Leisure, and USA & Orientours to name a few. Thus, its roster of members boasts an array of credible foreign and local travel agents there is.

As you travel to the Philippines, expect no complication when you choose a Philippine Travel Agency. These agencies will surely take the identity of Philippine hospitality that will definitely leave a mark on you as a tourist.

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