Top Activities You can Enjoy in Your Next Seoul Travel Plan

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and the largest metropolis in the nation with so many tourist attractions to explore and enjoy. It offers many exciting activities which tourists can experience by using Seoul travel packages. With the option of daily, half-day and all inclusive Seoul travel packages you can make your next travel plan simple, effective and enjoyable.

Seoul is not just the frantic capital but also the heart of South Korea that has grown to become a vibrant metropolis and a great travel destination in Asia tour for its round the clock activity, dynamic culture and thrilling history. The immense charm of this South Korean city draws global tourists in large number to enjoy wonderful activities in Seoul travel and explore sites from Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Jogyesa Temple near Insadong to the Blue House in Jongno-gu with the assistance of a knowledgeable and friendly local guide.

Booking Seoul travel packages, you can see the soul of this modern city wrapped in cultural tradition that reflects best in everything including lustrous buildings, skyscrapers, new technology, historical heritages, old traditions, rich customs and inherent history. You are likely to enjoy a healthy climate in Seoul especially during the seasons of spring and fall but can plan your Seoul travel at anytime. After all, Seoul has cold and temperate climate which encourages travelers and tourists to visit it throughout the year.

Let’s know about some amazing and fun packed activities you can enjoy in your next Seoul travel plan:

A Visit to the Blue House or Cheong Wa De:

The Blue House or Cheong Wa De is where resides the Republic of Korea’s president. It is famous for being his executive office as well as official residence. You will have a brief stop over at this heavily guarded and blue tiled roof building of the South Korean head of state in Jongno-gu during your Seoul travel.

Gyeongbokgung Palace and National Folk Museum Tour

Your Seoul travel will cover Gyeongbokgung Palace which is a far interesting place to explore and enjoy. It was constructed in 1395 and is regarded as one of Joseon dynasty’s largest and most outstanding palaces. There are many buildings within Gyeongbokgung palace which age more than six hundred years and are restored by the Korean government after the wars. This palace has now become a great attraction for local as well as foreign travelers who like to explore and enjoy the best.

You can also visit the National Folk Museum inside this 600 year old palace. Here you will have access to diverse artifacts categorized by royal dynasty and region and experience the lifestyle of Korean people centuries back including their tradition, clothing, food and more. The national Fold Museum is a great place to take a quick glance at how the Korean people lived earlier.

A Walk around Insadong Shopping Street

Your Seoul travel will allow you to walk around Insadong Shopping Street and shop for ancient and precious items of your choice and preference. With the friendly local guide, you will have perfect joy of exploring local crafts and art at nearby galleries and visiting the old Korean teahouse.

Jogyesa Temple Visit

Jogyesa Temple is the leading Buddhist temples representing Korea’s deep Buddhist feel in the spiritual world. It is the center of Zen Buddhism and situated nearby Insadong. Built since 1935, it has consistently been the place of interest for tourists coming to Korea from all over the world.


Booking guided and professionally organized Seoul travel package will let you discover the thriving city of Seoul in a safe, comfortable and pleasant way. You can even choose a half day travel to Seoul city from the offerings of a reliable operator to explore all the above mentioned activities in an effective way that will leave you with the best memories of your Seoul travel.

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