Kathmandu And Chitwan Tours

Welcome to our amazingly interesting Kathmandu & Chitwan 7 days Tours that includes nature, culture, and wildlife experience helping you to make out the very most of your Nepal holidays. Stroll in the medieval streets of Kathmandu full of architectural wonders, swim in the local river with the elephants, make a canoe trip in the dense sub-tropical jungle, or learn to follow the wild-lives in their natural habitat – we’ve combined everything that you are wishing to squeeze out in your short Nepal Tour. Discover the most wonderful array of flora and fauna, and if you love bird-watching, here is a bird-watchers paradise with every type of imaginable bird from Kingfishers, to Serpent Eagles to Pheasants to Peacocks. Even if your wildest dream is to watch marsh crocodiles sunbathing or you feel like bathing with an elephant in a jungle river – we make it happen in reality. We can assure you the best views of the wild animals in their natural habitat – monkeys, rhinos, deer, elephants and many more species.

We start the tour from Kathmandu Valley, with its UNESCO World Heritage Site cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Then we drive into the mountains to Chitwan Jungles along the cascading Trishuli River below. In Chitwan, you will discover, the National Park that holds an important place in preserving the wild lives which are rapidly getting extinct from this planet. The trip encompasses some of the most spectaculars natural, cultural, and wildlife splendors of Nepal as well as provides an opportunity to mingle with the local people with their ethnic lifestyles.

Chitwan is best known for its culture and wildlife activities. Chitwan means “heart of the jungle”, because of its dense forests and wild animals. Chitwan national park is located in central south of Nepal, just 165 km far from Kathmandu and 150 km from Pokhara, which offers you many jungle as well as cultural activities. Such as Elephant back safari, canoeing trip, jungle walk, visit to ethnic local people house, culture dance perform by local tribe people, visit to sunset point, jeep drive and so on. Explore the stunning flatlands of Nepal’s Terai and Chitwan region on a 3-day package tour that explores the area’s biodiversity, and includes soft activities such as elephant rides and light canoeing.

For a country known for its beautiful mountains, the Gangetic flatlands of the Terai, which stretches throughout the southern part of Nepal, provides a wholly different experience. A visit to Nepal remains incomplete without seeing the beauty of the Terai, and Chitwan is the best place to go. Established in 1973, Chitwan National Park is located just 500 feet (150 meters) above sea level. Chitwan gets steamy from March through June, with peak temperatures reaching 43°C in the shade. Short grass makes February to May the best game-viewing season, but the autumn months are also gorgeous, with superb Himalayan views. In winter (December-January), Chitwan is pleasantly warm compared to Kathmandu, while the humid monsoon season (July-August) is intense, with pounding rain, swollen rivers, and luxuriant vegetation. During the tour, you will get the opportunity to explore the wildlife from different perspectives. Explore by Jeep on a drive to a crocodile breeding center. Visit the first elephant breeding center in Asia, located just minutes from the hotel, where you will see baby elephants socializing with their parents, and discover how elephant meals are prepared. On a sunny day, one of the main attractions on the Rapti River is to swim with the elephants as they take their baths. You will also join experienced naturalist guides to examine some of the more specialized habitats of the animals. There are a number of watchtowers en route to climb for better views of the surroundings. Several towers and lakes have been created by a local community committee to preserve wildlife in the forest, and should you wish, there are provisions to stay for an extraordinary night to feel the deep and peaceful jungle environment. In this tour programme you can visit Kathmandu Valley which includes Kathmandu Durbar Square, Durbar literally mean Palaces is in the heart of old city Kathmandu in Basantapur. There are around 50 temples in the vicinity including the temple Taleju Bhawani which was brought from Indian continent by Mallas with them in around 9th Century. Patan Durbar Square another palace complex, Swoyambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath temple and others. Chitwan National Park (‘Chitwan’ means “in the heart of the jungle’) covers 932 sq. km. in the flat lowland region of southern Nepal which is listed in the World Heritage Site of UNESCO and regarded as on of the best managed park in Asia. It is one of the most important sub-tropical parks on the Indian subcontinent with populations of the endangered Royal Bengal tiger, Greater One-horned rhinoceros, Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica), Wild Asian elephant, Gaur, Golden Monitor lizard, Gharial crocodile and many more.

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