Major factors That You Should Understand before Choosing Travel Insurance India

Factors for Travel Insurance

Travel insurance depends on some factors. Based on the following parameters, your travel insurance India policy premium will be determined, along with the assured sum.

Distance: Distance of traveling is one of the major factors in your traveling insurance. If you are searching for low cost travel insurance, you will find plenty of them in the case of short distance traveling. In case of long distance traveling, premiums would be higher.

Destination: Destination is another big factor. In case of some countries, there will be no travel insurances. For example, the countries where there are ongoing political or social disturbances or turmoil. Similarly, it is easy to get travel insurance India in tourist friendly countries.

Trip Duration: Insurance policies vary according to the duration of your trip. In case of longer duration, higher premium is payable. For small duration traveling, you would find flexible and budget-friendly policies.

Your Medical Report: In travel insurance medical report of the buyer or insurance applicant is considered as a big factor. Pre-existing illnesses and health deterioration due to alcoholism or drug influence are generally not covered. Some insurance policies do cover these things, but under certain circumstances with specifically mentioned conditions.

Your Travel Itinerary: When it comes to travel insurance India, no prize for guessing that your itinerary will be checked by the insurance companies. Generally, adventure sports do not come under the coverage of travel insurance. Several other adventure activities, which do not come under sports, are not covered too.

Major Exclusions of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers some of the major things, like medical costs for treatment if you have met unforeseen accident during your trip, loss of baggage, flight delays or cancellation and many more. Typically, a few things are also there, which are not covered by the travel insurance policies. So, let us have a look on the major exclusions of travel insurance India:

Pre-existing diseases: if you have any pre-existing diseases, medical cost for those will not be covered under your travel insurance.

Adventure sport hazards resulting into accidents: We all love adventure sports, but sadly accidents during practicing such sports will not be covered under travel insurance.

Adisiting Dangerous Locations: Some locations have been marked as dangerous. There are risks of death for visiting such spots. Losses are not covered for visiting such places. Visiting a place, where some major disease has burst through, is also not covered under travel insurance.

Act of God: Physical or financial damage due to natural calamity during your trip will not be covered by travel insurance companies.

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