San Diego Hotel Rooms – Great Hotel Marketing Starts With Hotel Website Design

You may have the most wonderful hotel in the world, with gorgeous landscaping, comfortable rooms, and remarkable service, but if guests don’t find out about it, your occupancy rates will be a periodic disappointment. In this day and age, the most critical component of hotel marketing is excellent hotel web site design.

Why Hotel Website Design?

The numbers say it all. In 2007, almost a third of all hotel revenues will probably be produced by online channels. Moreover, more than half of your target audience’s decision-making is enthused by the Web. More than a third of hotel guests choose their hotel based on online study, but book via a different channel. The remainder researched their options through an Internet portal, but then tried to book directly using the travel provider.

Hotel Search engine optimization

Even if you have a fantastic hotel web site design but no one can come across it when they’re looking online, it’s as if you did not have a website at all.

The way that potential guests will find your hotel internet site is through search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is both an art as well as a science – and should not be turned to amateurs. Search engine optimization approaches will enable your hotel website to be returned high in the rankings of search engine results – a critical element of effective online hotel marketing.

Elements to Think about

When selecting a marketing company for your hotel web site design, make sure that they understand and meet these objectives:

* Producing qualified, quality visitor traffic * Motivating visitors to delve deeper into your hotel website * Transforming visitors into online hotel revenues

Too frequently, hotel websites are created in reverse, placing the emphasis on design instead of on producing web site traffic. The key would be to balance traffic generation effectiveness, the site’s “look and feel,” and conversion techniques to create a hotel web site that looks great, gets lots of traffic that converts into bookings.

Find a Hotel Website Design Company

These days, Internet design and marketing companies have specializations. In order to get the very best return on investment, it’s ideal to select a web site design company that specializes in hotel website design. Make sure that their approach adheres to the following guidelines – otherwise, continue shopping. The company should:

* Identify your visitors’ expectations and intentions * Work with you to clarify your own objectives * Develop a hotel website revenue conversion technique * Figure out website components that satisfy both design and search engine optimization goals * Map our “click paths” which will bring about conversion

Your hotel website design and search engine optimization are the two tips to producing the type of traffic that will maintain your occupancy rates in the stratosphere!

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