New York Hotel Deals: Beware of the Worst Hotels in the City

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world. There is so much to see here, that a short vacation does not seem enough. That is why one should make the most of his time in this city. Everything should be planned out carefully, especially accommodation.

A lot of people resort to hotel deals in New York just because this is a very expensive city. However, it is important that you ask yourself why these hotels are so much than other. Most times when you go for a hotel deal in New York, you are in for a disappointment.

There are some hotels, which are particularly unpleasant and one should stay away from. That is the case of Hotel Carter. The first thing that shocks you when you walk in this hotel is the horrible smell. Everything in their hotel rooms is filthy, from the carpets to the bedclothes. You will feel the urge to run and never come back, even after you have paid the deposit.

The Ramada Plaza hotel, located in Jamaica, New York, is another hotel you should stay away from. Poor maintenance, lack of cleaning, and smelly rooms are the main features of this hotel. Also, their walls are really thin, so you can hear everything that is going on the next room.

Roosevelt hotel was ranked by many tourists as the worst hotel they have ever stayed in. Their staff is unfriendly and not helpful. This hotel also needs some urgent maintenance, and extra housekeeping services. Rooms are so tiny you can barely walk around them. In addition, towels are not replaced in the bathrooms.

New York Inn has been described as disgusting by their guests. First of all, their staff is extremely rude. Most toilets in this hotel are not working. The floors in the hotel are filthy, and the whole place smells badly. Also, they had as guests a party of mice. Some people claimed to have found pee in their bed sheets.

New York Inn is one of the most disgusting places to stay in New York City. A place like this can certainly ruin your vacations. Even though they have T.V. sets, they use hangers as aerials. The place needs immediate renovation. Of course the air conditioning system does not work.

When one makes a reservation to one of this New York hotel deals, one does not expect luxury, just a bed and a decent bathroom. By all means, we are not saying that one should be provided with a world class service, when booking a cheap hotel in New York.

However, we do believe that one at least deserves to get a clean room free of bugs and other critters. Before making an advance reservation with a cheap hotel in New York, go online and read tourist’s reviews. That is the only way you can set your expectations. Of course, once you pay a deposit for a cheap hotel, you cannot expect a refund, so think twice before you make the payment.

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