How To Build A Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy

How To Build A Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s end-2015, and the significance of mobile marketing has never been felt so strongly before! From standard mobile phone devices to Gen X Smartphones, and now Smart Watches and Glasses, the mobile revolution has been colossal in the past few years. The expediency of mobile devices has made it the “primary” mode of communication today. Thus, there stands no reason why your business isn’t harnessing the potential of “mobile” to build a successful and effective Digital Marketing Strategy.

Unfortunately, many organizations have blindly followed the trend without knowing how to plot their mobile marketing strategy. This often leads to average results. Despite that mobile marketing is comparatively new; there are certain factors that should be considered to achieve success in your mobile campaign. Here are the do’s and don’ts of an effective mobile marketing plan:

Do Research on Identifying Your Target Audience:

In today’s competitive world, there is no place for assumptions. So, before you leap, make sure that you have done enough research on identifying your potential customers, buying behavior, their interests, and the type of mobile devices they use. Knowing your new set of target audience will definitely help in building a campaign that caters to their needs and delivers better results. Sending the right message to the right person is the key to success.

Do Build a Responsive & Simple Mobile Website:

Lets’ face it! Mobile customers aren’t interested in rambling through pages and pages of your website to get information. They want everything quick and right at their fingertips. Therefore, one of the best mobile advertising ideas is to keep your mobile website simple, functional and responsive.

Don’t Spam:

Permission based mobile marketing generates higher revenues than when you spam. This is because your target audience is expecting communication from you, whether in the form of monthly newsletter, SMS Marketing or other forms of advertising. On the other hand, when you spam, it often leads to irritation and interruption marketing for your consumers if the message is irrelevant and unimportant to them. Therefore, targeting the right message to the right set of audience is most crucial.

Do Test the Effectiveness of the Campaign before it is Launched:

Yes; successful marketers test the results of a campaign before launching it. Try to have your main website drive traffic for your mobile site or application. Publicize on social media and see reactions of your existing and potential customers. Send out exciting offers at regular intervals rather than being too pushy. The basic fundamental is to spark interest among your target audience, and then launch the mobile marketing campaign.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Improved Customer Experience:

Mobile devices are rapidly emerging as the go-to-spot to browse the web, check emails, get news and do much more. Now that Smartphone devices are so powerful, you should strive to optimize customer experience by offering more compelling and sophisticated direct marketing solutions via mobile.

Do Build a Mobile App:

Mobile app is a great way to connect to your customers, send them exclusive offers, and most importantly, keep them engaged. Besides helping you to create a strong brand image, a mobile app can also drive traffic and generate results.

Do Integrate Social Media:

An effective digital media marketing strategy is one that integrates your mobile campaign with social media to create genuine interest and drive traffic.

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