Exploring Sydney with Free Tourist Spots

Backpack get-away weekends are popular to young adults these days, thanks to promo fares and discounts. Travelling to different places now is not only for people with bigger budget on their “travels” fund. It all starts with planning the right time and the right place to visit. In Sydney for example, there are over a hundred popular destinations which ranges from being inexpensive and exclusive at the most. Deciding where to go, how long to stay at a certain place, accommodation and local travel expenses can shave off your bank book when not done right. It is important to plan ahead and ask Google for information. Expenses can also be a burden to your wallet, especially food. For these, a popular frugal method was to use vouchers and save on discount coupons. Websites like these are MyPhoneVouchers.com, which offer deductions on food, services and consumer goods. Regarding accommodation, hotels are not the way to go if you want to save your funds. A typical budget hotel begins around $70 and gets more expensive when you get closer downtown.

A tour around Sydney will take an average person about 3 – 5 days. For this, it is vital that all the tourist attractions are categorized into free and paid when jotting down a list. For free sights and sceneries, museums and parks are the way to go. There are free art gallery exhibits at the State Library and the Nicholson Museum that can be taken advantage. This can be placed on the middle of your tour so you can still enjoy the place even when resting your tired feet. For active types, there is a free walking tour offered by the Town Hall called “I’m Free”. It features a soothing walk off the streets of Sydney and Melbourne while immersing yourself with the lifestyle and culture of Australians. Use online coupons for discount to your smoothie or coffee that will go well with the escapade. During the night, there is a club named Late Night Library which offers free literature adventure that will state your bookish side. Worrying about the expensive price of the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb? Easy! You can take the walk along the bridge and enjoy the panoramic view of the city although on a lower perspective. A simple picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens can also relax your mind while enjoying the cool sea breeze and the floral landscape in the vicinity. The last and foremost free attraction that tourists look out for is the weekly fireworks display at the Darling Harbour. The food alongside the coast is cheap and tasty, a perfect fit for enjoying the pyrotechnics, of which, is a national pride for Australians. Talk about ending the night with a bang.

More or less, the featured places above are attractions that are offered free of charge. According to statistics, Australia is the 6th most expensive city to live in the world. This may sound scary to most tourists, expecting high fees for transportation, hotels and food trips. But you should also remember that according to the same company which obtained the same data, Sydney is the 10th most livable city in the world. In the end, all comes down to how you manage your finances. Luckily, there are free tourist spots and online discount coupons that go side by side to help you save money. If you live luxuriously without giving a thought on your budget, after a time, you will surely go broke. To distinguish the difference between needs and leisure is a must in this world today.

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