Casa Andina Classic Cuzco Catedral Hotel: A Prime Hotel in a Prime Location

If you wish to immerse yourself to the rich tradition and history of Peru, you need to visit Cusco, the archaeological capital of the country, as it is called. Staying in one of the best hotels in Cusco, the Casa Andina Classic Cuzco Catedral Hotel an ideal option, as the hotel is situated in the heart of the vibrant town, a ten minutes drive away from the airport.

The Casa Andina Classic Cuzco Catedral Hotel is a three star hotel; it used to be a traditional chapel of the Andes, but was turned to a hotel that offers a wonderful accommodation to its guests who flock here from all over the world so as to visit and admire the world known monuments and dive in the mystic Andean atmosphere. Needless to say, the main strength of the hotel is its convenient location, since it is in close proximity to all the major tourist attractions, as well as the main commercial and entertainment outlets of Cusco. The Cusco Catedral hotel belongs to the leading hotel chain of Casa Andina which provides its guests with warm and hospitable atmosphere and accommodation.

The Casa Andina Classic Cuzco Catedral Hotel features an authentic Inca wall, a fascinating detail for those who are interested in history. The wall adds to the Andean touch that has always been the trademark of the Casa andina hotels, and makes this Cusco hotel stand out from all others of the area. The hotel features an around the clock reception and shuttle transport to and from the airport, and forty three very well appointed and spacious guestrooms.

All the rooms are equipped with latest conveniences and amenities, so as to meet the expectations and needs of all guests. There are four smoking rooms. The guestrooms feature heating, private bathrooms, cable TV, feathers comforter, direct dial telephones for local and international calls in the room and bathroom and safe deposit box in the room. The Cusco Hotel offers also Wi-Fi internet service and computer with multitask printer for the guests needs. There are smoke detectors in all rooms and public areas, while the well trained personnel can assist the guests with several requests, offering foreign currency exchange, laundry and taxi service on site.

The prime location of the hotel is its most crucial characteristic of course, since the guests can access easily the most well known attraction in Cusco. The Cusco hotel Catedral offers direct access to the Cathedral of Cusco, which dominates the Plaza de Armas, built on the original foundations of the Viracocha palace. The Cathedral was completed in 1560 and is constructed is such a way that reminds a Latin Cross. It contains more than four hundred colonial paintings, among which is the very well known Last Supper by Marcos Zapata. The Cathedral is surrounded by smaller chapels, among which are the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception and the Chapel of the Lord of the Earthquakes ( in Spanish, El Senor de los Tremblores).

The guests of the Casa Andina Classic Cuzco Catedral Hotel have the chance to pore over the magic and the spirit of the Andes, exploring the town of Cusco. Most visitors who arrive here are mostly eager to get to Machu Picchu, which is by far the most renowned sight of the South Americas. Machu Picchu lies relatively close to Cuzco, four hours by train, but in any case, the town itself has a lot to offer to the numerous visitors. It is a very vibrant and lively small town, which is the main reason that makes most of the travellers come back.

The Casa Andina Classic Cuzco Catedral Hotel is one of the best choices if you are planning to visit the archaeological capital of the Americas, and become familiar with the indigenous style of Cuzco. The Casa Andina Cusco Peru Hotels are known for their quality and the state of art services provided at all times.

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