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Information technology refers to the area of employment and study that deals with the transfer of information across internal and external systems, the security of such information, and its storage. Individuals in this field are tasked with ensuring that networks remain functional, stress free, and are able to perform the functions required by the individual, business, corporation or organization.

The technical prowess necessary to setup and maintain large networks can be extremely high, requiring an in depth understanding of the various facets of such systems to ensure continued proper usage, safety, security and more. As an industry, information technology is constantly changing, growing and expanding, with new technologies constantly being developed that require the need for implementation and explanation.
Working in IT can involve a variety of roles, depending on your interest and your education:

Computer programming
Desktop and network support
Software design
Web design
Network security
Technical writing

A graduate education in information technology management involves the study of database design, supply chain management and the development of emerging technologies. Most graduate programs in information technology management teach students the principles and techniques needed for information assurance, managing enterprise architecture and monetizing new technologies. To successfully earn an information technology management master’s degree, students must conduct research and prepare a dissertation.

Education Prerequisites

Before starting a master’s degree in information technology management, students must have already completed a bachelor’s degree in a field related to computer science and business. Most information technology management programs require students submit scores from either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

Program Coursework

To earn an information technology management graduate degree, students must study topics and issues in database management, telecommunications and information systems. Students pursuing a master’s degree in information technology management learn to organize projects and use business technologies. A master’s degree in information technology management might include courses in the following:

Geographic information systems
Information security management
Managing software development
E-commerce technologies
Database management

Popular Career Options

Earning a graduate degree in information technology management can lead to a career in a wide variety of industries. Students with a master’s degree in information technology management might find employment in one of the following occupations:

Information technology director
Network administrator
Project leader
Systems analyst
Security consultant

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