Importance Of Wire Mesh For Fencing Purpose

Fencing is of utmost importance when it comes to secure the premises. This is widely used at various places like airports, industrial premises, railway stations, military areas, government building, farm lands, parks, gardens, agriculture land and various other places. These are employed with the purpose of preventing trespassing or humans & animals. These are widely used in order to avoid any unauthorized access to the property.

For fencing purpose, wire mesh widely employed. This is the most prevalent and cost effective method of fencing. This is widely employed for securing agriculture land & property. This is employed at the border of the garden or agriculture in order to avoid entry to animals or human beings.

This is the most popular method of fencing. This is widely used owing to the fact that it doesn’t need any special technical skills in setting this. This can easily be set up with the help of concrete pillars or timber or any other supportive structure. These can enclose premises in order to avoid any trespassing. These can easily be installed without any special labor or without any effort.

These are also used for partitioning the place. The wide area like field or park or garden is partitioned with the help of wire mesh fencing. This act as a transparent wall. The advantage of this over the concrete wall is that concrete wall is opaque & one cannot see through this. But, one can easily see through this. The second thing is that concrete wall is costlier to build as compared to this type of fencing.

Manufacturers are offering these in varied designs and shapes so as to cater various requirements.

These are offered in various configurations with different size of gaps so as to meet the exact requirements. The most popular material is stainless steel. Apart from this, the other materials that are widely used in developing these are cast iron, aluminium and several other metals. Stainless steel is used owing to the fact that this can offer high tensile strength, durability, reliability and long operating life.

As wire mesh fencing system has to get exposed to atmosphere & moisture, then special efforts are employed to avoid any rust or corrosion. To prevent the effect of rust, special coating of PVC & other anti rust coating is used. With this, not only the rusting effect reduces, but it also enhances the life of the system.


High Tensile strength
Rust resistant
Customized Configuration

These are also offered in customized configurations so that buyers get the product of their preference. For that purpose, manufacturers are employing state of art machinery so that customized designs can easily be made.

Application area:

Fencing of agriculture land: In various countries, farming & agriculture is the main occupation. There it is used to secure the farming, agriculture & garden land. As this is a very efficient and cost effective fencing solution, it is widely employed.

Fencing of military area & borders: This is used to secure areas like military facility or borders in order to avoid any trespassing.

Airports & railway stations: These are also employed at airports & railway stations in order to prevent any unauthorized access.

Public & private properties: It is used to secure land from trespassing & encroachment.

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