GPS Fleet Management for School Buses

GPS Fleet Management for School Buses

Safety is the top priority, especially when it comes to providing transport solutions for school children. The school management and fleet owners look for the most advanced and efficient methods to ensure the safety of the students while they are traveling to and back from school. They usually set up the Speed Manager in buses, which alerts when the bus travels at speeds faster than the set levels. Though this technology has gone a long way in ensuring that school buses don’t over speed, it doesn’t consider the other safety aspects. The GPS fleet management comes as a solution for this challenge.

GPS fleet tracking is an innovative technology that allows you to keep track of each and every vehicle in your fleet. Whether you have ten or hundred or even more vehicles in your fleet, you will be able to easily monitor all the vehicles using this software program. This advanced technology is very easy to use and gives you the accurate location of the vehicle at any point of time. All that you have to do is install the GPS tracking device in the school bus and then link it to the platform.

So, are you wondering how this GPS fleet management will help ensure the child’s safety? Let’s discuss in detail. Usually school buses run on a pre-planned route. Plus, they have specific pick up and drop points. The manager will be able to check the vehicle’s movement on the platform. In case the driver takes an alternate route, misses a stop, or stays too long at one stop, you can immediately check the situation by calling up the driver.

There’s another huge benefit of using this GPS fleet tracking system. Most of the time, the bus gets late to reach school as there are delays in every pick up stop. Using this tracking system, a message can be sent to the parent’s mobile stating that the vehicle is in this this place and that it will reach the designated spot at this time. Similarly the same can be done in the evening when the child returns home from school. So, the parent need not come to the drop point very early and wait. Plus, if there is any traffic jam, route change or accident enroute, which has delayed the pick up or drop time, the same can be informed to the parent on time. In many ways, GPS fleet management makes lives easier for both school management and parents.

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