Go For Clean technology – It’s Need Of An Hour

This modern world is moving fast with new innovative technologies, equipment and incredible progress in all areas. However; its impacts have made it inevitable to think about the environment and its degradation which can lead to devastation of our green earth. This thought emerged in terms of green movement across the globe. The scientists and researchers developed technologies/ equipment that can assure least damage to the environment or on the other hand can be environment friendly. These technologies are referred as ‘green technologies’. Now, we are moving one step ahead with the clean technology. Don’t you heard about clean technology? Go ahead and reveal a lot about the clean technology. Definitely clean technology will help protect environment and preserve its resources intact. Thus clean technology is the need of an hour.

What Is Clean Technology?

Clean technology refers to the technology which utilizes less energy, generates less waste and imposes less adverse impacts on the environment despite of its economical competence and productivity. So, clean technology focuses on reducing dependence on the traditional, non-renewable resources, reducing wastes and highly promotes sustainability. The idea of clean technology is promoted by groups around the world like (CTTA) Clean Technology Trade Alliance. The clean technology uses renewable energy resources like –

* Wind power
* Hydro-power
* Solar energy
* Bio-fuels

The purpose of clean technology is to create electricity and fuels with less environmental damages and less pollution. It also aims at making buildings, infrastructure and transport energy efficient and nondestructive in nature.

Objectives Of Clean Technology

As the name suggests, clean technology ensures reduction in wastes and pollution. It’s main objectives are –

* Reduction in pollution – Most of the industries produce a large quantity of wastes as by-products. The pollution can be water, air or soil pollution. These pollution can be controlled or minimized using green technology equipment like filter bags, effluent treatment plants etc.

* Recycling – Once the pollution is controlled, the collected pollutants can be purified, treated or separated to regenerate the resources that can be recycled. For eg. The liquid wastes from the industries can be treated through effluent treatment plant and water and other resources can be recycled after treatment.

* Energy saving – The equipment or technology used in industries should be energy conservative i.e. highly efficient so that energy can be saved. Solar lights, cookers, LED lights are some Clean technology appliances which can reduce burden on environment.

The use of renewable energy will reduce carbon emission. This move towards clean technology from green technology is definitely a good initiative to save and preserve environment. With clean technology, upcoming generations can expect fresh air, water and clean environment. The speed of degradation of nature is fast. Many animal species are in danger. In this scenario, Clean technology is like ray of hope to save green earth. So, start thinking about clean technology, it’s need of an hour.

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