BSN Supplements – The Truth About This Body Building Supplement

Now that is a good question, do BSN supplements really help you gain fast muscle? If you ask me, I will tell you that they don’t work. Now why would I say that after all the hype given to this product in the body building industry? Well that’s the annoying thing. There is so much exaggeration given to this product, it is well talked about in body building forums, at the gym, everywhere related to muscle gain. The truth is that the manufacturers of these products are only in it for the money. Who wouldn’t? Tell me if you had an opportunity to spin a claim on your product just to make some millions. I’m sure you wouldn’t even think twice about it. So you see? That’s how it is to show how to gain muscle fast. The question now is the deception worth it? You decide.

It’s probably not a new thing to you anymore when you go to a store and you pick one of the BSN supplements such as BSN NO-explode, and you read on the labels that using the supplement would give you the following: long lasting pumps, increased endurance ability, increase in overall power. Like I said earlier, I’m sure it’s not new to you anymore, but ask yourself, can one really get all these changes in one whole swoop? I would say no and this is why?

The whole story is revolved around nitric oxide, NO. The concept behind it is to a reasonable extent very true. What is the concept? It’s the fact that NO paves the way for the blood vessels in the muscles to be expanded making enough room for more blood to flow through the muscle arteries also known as arterioles. This expansion is what we know to be the muscle puff we feel when we work out. Like I said before, this concept is true and the use of BSN supplements is supposed to make the muscle expansion more lasting to give a more permanent result. But it doesn’t end there, for there’s more.

What people don’t know is that when there is an expansion in the blood vessels, blood is re-directed away from the GI system (gastro intestinal) and other organs/tissues that may not be of help to you, instead the flow is directed to the heart, muscles and the brain. This is as a result of the body’s natural ability to vasodilate automatically. By now, you must be wondering, so why the need of BSN supplements? Won’t it cause the increase of more blood flow?

You see during a work out session, there is this natural tendency for all the blood vessels in the body to expand due to the natural secretion of nitric oxide, at this point, the heart pumps more blood than usual, so you already feel pumped up during your session and even a while after without the use of BSN supplements. This shows you that the body already as an automatic vasodilator system. At this point, is there still any need to waste your money purchasing what would irrelevant to you? The choice is yours.

In conclusion, I would advise you to stick to an organized work out program, work out a good diet, use supplements that will be more useful and are more practicable in delivery, if you’re thinking of gaining more muscle. Remember, be wise and be realistic in your approach to what works for you, do not waste your money on products that only give claims and not reality in practical results, in essence, BSN supplements don’t work as they claim.

Fitness coach Dan Sansheller, reveals basic facts on how to gain muscle. Learn more about whey protein supplement and best nitric oxide supplements .

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