Men’s Sexual Function: Why Vitamin D is Important

Everybody knows that milk does a body good. The benefits of milk come, in large part, from the calcium and vitamin D it contains. However, most people are unaware of the power vitamin D has on the male sex organ, otherwise known as the penis. Commonly associated with healthy teeth and strong bones, a good dose of vitamin D can also go a long way towards a healthy, strong boner. Vitamin D is certainly one vitamin that is overlooked in terms of its contribution to penis care; learn more about this miracle vitamin and how it can help improve a man’s sex life.

Vitamin D and the Penis

Skin care: Vitamin D is an important player in keeping one’s skin healthy, and yes, that includes the skin of the penis. Vitamin D has been found to help keep the skin supple and hydrated, which reduces uncomfortable itching. It is a powerful healing agent that is often found in creams designed to fight skin rashes and psoriasis; vitamin D also prevents premature aging and wrinkling while repairing damaged skin cells. Many men do not pay attention to the skin on their Johnson, but it is just as susceptible to dryness, wrinkling and flaking as the skin anywhere else on the body. One thing is for sure; no man wants a cracked, itchy penis that is prone to skin flaking.

Sexual health: Interestingly, men with low levels of vitamin D have been found to have a higher incidence of erectile dysfunction and a decreased sperm count. It seems the vitamin plays a critical role in keeping a man’s equipment fully stocked and at the ready. Upping ones daily dose of vitamin D may help keep the baby maker running as smoothly as possible – which is important – even if the job of actually making a baby is in a man’s distant future, or past.

Boosts immune functioning: Vitamin D is a vital part of one’s overall health and wellness, and perhaps, the biggest job it plays in the human body is that of supporting good immune health. Vitamin D is an antioxidant, which means it helps fight cancer causing free radicals in the body. It also protects the body against serious medical conditions including heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes – all of which, by the way – contribute to decreased sexual function and erectile dysfunction.

Where to get Vitamin D

Vitamin D contributes to penis health in more than one way, making it a must-have on the daily vitamin intake list. One can stock up on vitamin D in the following ways:

Food: Whole milk, portabella mushrooms, salmon, tuna, eel, eggs, and liver.

Sun exposure: Catching a few rays of sun is one way to stimulate the production of vitamin D in the body; however, the harmful UV rays can also burn the skin, so this is not the ideal way to get all of ones vitamin D.

Vitamin supplements: Many people have begun to rely on vitamin supplements as a way of reaching their recommended daily dose of vitamin D which is 600 IU (international units) for individuals ages 9-70 and 800 IU — for individuals over 70 years of age. While vitamin D can be supplemented, either as part of a daily vitamin or as an individual vitamin D supplement, one may not achieve maximum absorption benefits when consuming the vitamin in that manner.

Vitamin Cream containing vitamin D: Another way for men to up their vitamin D intake, and assure maximum absorption of the nutrient targeted at the penis, is to use a penis vitamin cream containing vitamin D (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Applying the cream directly on the skin allows for easy absorption where it can have the most benefit to one’s sexual health, the penis. Daily use can help improve the quality and health of the penis skin while contributing to the health of the entire organ.

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