Orissa is fast moving towards becoming the new business hub of India

Given that each one of the Indian states is popular for its own unique resources, Orissa too has a number of cities which have made their mark in their fields of expertise. Now, Orissa is fast moving towards becoming an investor’s favorite place as investment opportunities in Orissa increase and become more and more promising. According to statistics from 2013, Rs. 53,000 crore was invested in Orissa projects, which represented 27% of all investments in India.

According to the latest Orissa news, the development of Orissa which has occurred in leaps and bounds in the past few years is largely attributed to its mineral resources. A majority of the investments have been made in the coal mining industry, steel industry, and port projects of Orissa. This state has always been a hub for mining industries due to its abundance of resources, and it is slowly gaining the attention of the appropriate business people.

Business news today about development in Orissa

When we talk about the business news today about Orissa, Kalinganagar definitely deserves a mention. It is rapidly moving towards becoming a global hub for steel and steel products due to its abundant iron resources. It has also earned the title of the ‘Steel city’ of India. Another name worth mentioning here is Bargarh, which is located in the western part of Orissa. It is also known as the ‘business hub of western Orissa’. This city has become famous for its unique hand woven clothes and saris.

Cuttack, the business capital of Orissa, is a place teeming with activities and is the industrial hub of Orissa. It has become popular not only in India, but also in foreign markets, for its silver filigree work used to make jewelry, utensils, and other items used for decoration. Cuttack has also made its mark in other fields such as ferrous alloys and steel, agriculture, and textiles. This shows that the state has come a long way from the historic times and is now earning fame all over the world.

What does Odia news have to say about development in Orissa?

The strength of Orissa comes from its mineral resources such as iron ore, bauxite, coal, manganese, tin, and dolomite. The industries established in Orissa thrive on these natural resources present in abundance in different parts of the state. Some world-famous examples include Rourkela Steel Plant, National Thermal Power Corporation, and National Aluminum Company.

In spite of Orissa moving towards becoming the industrial hub of India, a majority of the population earn their livelihood through agriculture. However, a number of initiatives by the Government of Orissa aim at encouraging industrial growth rather than agricultural growth. According to the most recent statistics, income generated by agriculture is constantly decreasing and income provided by industries and services is seeing a sharp increase annually. It is not clear how this advancement will affect those whose main occupation is agriculture; however, the industrial face of Orissa is something to look forward to in the near future.

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