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Starting a business or a job of your own? Searching for a trusted information technology financier who is also an expert in the field and could provide you with the best suggestion in financing? Then, you are at the right place with the “IQ Finance”, the world of computer finance. IQ Finance plc has proved its dedication in the service and has become a trusted finance company for many. Our experience of over 30 years helps in providing the best solutions and finance for your company. We have become one of UK’s most prominent and leading independent financiers in the field of information technology.

The friendly professional and also personal services that we provide are always second to none. Looking beyond figures is what we do and thus ensure that the finance solutions provided by us will help in unlocking the future potential of your organization. Already we have provided tens of millions of pounds in the field of finance for many hundreds of the UK organizations that ranges from small enterprises to large corporate and even the Public Sector bodies. We do understand your needs on an individual basis.
The difference between us and the other financiers is that we believe that our success came from treating the customers not only as business partners, but also as the people we do want genuinely to succeed. Because of the same reason we put great emphasis on understanding your organization – what your goals are ( both short term goal and long term goal) and what really makes you tick . With the help of such information, we will tailor the finance solutions of ours in order to meet the specific IT requirements of yours.
Our services provide complete value for your money. The impressive funding panel that we have offers an outstanding choice of options for funding, real value for your money and flexibility. The funding panel consists of more than 20 leading international and also smaller domestic finance houses, each and everyone with different appetite for risk. You can discover what all help we can provide you with in our website IQ Finance plc (explore the world of computer finance). We work with industries that come under categories of manufacturing, engineering, technology, media, retail Textiles, construction, automotive, leisure, professions, public Sector, SMEs and large Corporate.
We do finance for total solution but is specialized in financing the IT systems. The ability to finance total solution, regardless of its composition, makes us unique from other financiers. Our agreements can include hardware, software, bespoke software, networking, training, consultancy, web sites, implementation, maintenance and support. The financial services and products of us provide a treasure of major benefits for the making of a successful company, that range from business start ups to even large corporations.
With the kind of expertise, success and experience in the finance field, we provide you with valuable advice that will help you to conserve your cash for something better, tap into an alternative source of credit, get a faster return on your investment, enjoy greater peace of mind, easy budgeting to suit you, save on your tax liability, to see that your other assets are not at risk, to develop a tidier and also simpler balance sheet, exemption from paying for disposal and be confident in professional providers.

The author of the article has an extensive knowledge in the field of Computer Leasing and Computer Equipment Leasing.

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