SLCM Group Expands Network In Myanmar

The company would undertake Sampling, Testing, Grading, Assaying, Fumigation, Aeration and Quality Certification of the commodities to ensure the quantity & quality of the pledged commodity.
C B Bank will offer traders & exporters to pledge 60% of their commodities which will be stored at SLCM warehouses for a stipulated period at an annual interest rate of 13%. SLCM has announced this association in line with their expansion plans in Myanmar and is expected to double its presence from current 4 locations to 8 locations in the country.

This is the 2nd tie-up that the group has formalized in 2015 in Myanmar after the MoU with Yoma Bank earlier this year. The output has been very encouraging from the earlier association and the way in which a paradigm shift is occurring in Myanmar’s economy and policies, especially relating to agriculture and collateral financing, the group is determined to further explore the region and fourfold the presence. SLCM Group has replicated our best practices & expertise in agriculture warehousing domain which have been evolved in several years of operations in India in this Golden Land of Myanmar. The Group has pioneered in scientific warehousing in India through best warehousing practices & methods to ensure health of the crop.

Sohan Lal Commodity Management Pvt. Ltd., through their wholly owned subsidiary SLCM Ltd., had tied up with Yoma Bank earlier this year and till date has disbursed loans worth 680 Mn kyats to several clients on agriculture commodities. In a short span of about 11 months, SLCM Ltd. has managed 100,000 sq feet of space, 15 different commodities with a throughput of approx. 4 million MT. Myanmar, where collateral based lending is limited to mostly land holdings, the recent shift of authorities to include key agriculture goods as collaterals is a landmark achievement.

C B Bank is one of the leading banks of Myanmar and operates through a network of 127 branches across the country. In India, SLCM Group has tied-up with 9 leading banks for Collateral Management Services in India.

The official signing ceremony was held at CB Bank, Yangon on 8th May, 2015. Several high officials witnessed the ceremony.

The writer has been working with some top scientific warehousing and he has the perfect knowledge and experience to write something about Agri storage Myanmar being an Indian.

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