A Good Finance Salary Begins With The Best Jobs To Start In

If you’ve set your sights on growing your earning power with a finance salary then you’ve chosen a good field. For the majority of finance careers the outlook is good for the United States with many industry jobs expected to grow faster than the national average.

Tremendous growth within finance positions are expected, especially when working for a large corporation that has open jobs. Whatever market you decide to go into, there are so many opportunities to earn a finance salary. Forensics, management, fraud, and accounting are just a few great places to earn a finance salary.

The Accountant – The ultimate path to all other finance salary positions, the accountant is someone who has obtained their Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting and has obtained whatever certifications are necessary for the job of their choice, such as the Certified Public Administration (CPA) certification.

Depending on the your preferences, a finance salary while working as an accountant can range from the mid $ 40,000s all the way to the high $ 70,000s depending on your experience as well as which position you take and whether you work in the public or private sector to earn your finance salary. For example, someone who has earned their Bachelor’s in finance or accounting and wants to take a general accounting job, tax preparation or bookkeeping position, or work in a payroll department will earn around $ 53,000 on average according to 2004 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Forensic Accounting – This is a job that offers a lucrative paying finance salary for those who are passionate about the accounting and finance industry. These jobs usually require that one spend long hours on the job possibly even in a different geographic location depending on where the work is needed. Someone who holds a forensic accounting position will be responsible for actively investigating companies and individuals involved with large tax fraud or other financial schemes.

An example of where a forensic accountant would be needed is the Bernie Madoff case. Forensic accountants on that case were very well paid. Experience is important with any career, but most forensic accountants easily make over $ 100,000. a year.

Financial Planning – There are a variety of careers that can offer a high-paying finance salary in this part of the finance industry as well. These individuals work closely with individuals or businesses to help manage their money, stock portfolio, and other investments to make sure that everything is headed in the right direction.

Some common job titles include the certified financial planner, administrative manager, and personal financial planner. The highest paying finance salary in the financial planning industry will vary wildly based on your experience as well as what area of the country you’re in, but average salaries range from $ 60,000-$ 80,000.

There are definitely a lot of paths you can take in this industry if you want to earn an above-average finance salary. The whole process usually starts with a Bachelor’s degree in some finance topic, though, but the sky is the limit soon after you graduate!

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