The World Needs Everyone’s Input

The World Needs Everyone’s Input

When choosing a career, many young adults ask which job will give them more prestige, which position is more important, will pay more, and will give them a push into bigger and better possibilities.

Everyone figures that with technology, the future is without limit and this is the way to go. Medicine also challenges newbies to consider this choice when it is career time. But have you noticed that there is a large segment of our population that seems to be looked down on, in fact it is really obliterated when it comes to those planning their job futures. Manual labor comes to mind and maybe this is something that would be considered when tragedy strikes and nothing is left. These jobs could be a quick buck but never made into a lifestyle. This choice, better known as blue-collar is not really a sought after college course, certainly not even close to literature, history, or even drama.

The point is if everyone felt that many positions are beneath them, then in all fairness they should stop using the services that these career choices give them. If we are looking at the hierarchy of “worthiness” then the truck driver should stop delivering food, home products, or even automobiles. The refuse collector should let the trash pile up until the street cannot be seen. The highway worker should let the cracks get so big that they swallow almost every car that passes. The store clerk should let the customers go to the warehouse and stock the shelves for themselves so they could choose their grocery choices. The dairy farmer should just let the cows do their own thing and milk – well, there is always coconut, soy, or even almonds. The world would really be a sorry state of affairs and those who relish in having degrees in literature, history, or drama can fend for themselves, but it might just take some time away from their pursuits as they bake their own bread, milk a goat on a farm somewhere, or try to grow enough vegetables to feed their family.

You could not go into a restaurant because there would be no grill cook, short order cook, or even a waitress. Your car breaks down, no mechanics or even a taxi driver to take you to work. Buses would not run and house builders would hand you a tarp and wish you luck. Of course these scenarios will never happen but in the world of push and shove then the attitudes, and tendencies of those using services should always be willing to see that their “academic” lives are made easier by blue collar and white collar workers. This is not to disparage against education – just the opposite – teachers are important but so are day care center workers and laundry center caretakers. Cemeteries need workers as do hospitals to clean up, mop up, pick up, and carry out supplies.

In essence, there are no “higher” careers, but they are equal in importance. As the ol’ fairy tale, if everyone was a fireman, who would keep us safe on the streets. If everyone was a president, then who would he/she really govern if that was the only job that was worthy of anyone. If you are into academics – great – but be appreciative of what others are doing. If you are a waitress or cab driver – terrific – but remember that drama gives you good theatre to enjoy. We must be appreciative of whatever input anyone gives our society. We all don’t enjoy the same things nor do we relish making certain things our life’s work. You make your choice and then all the others deserve your respect and admiration for their choice.

So if anyone asks you who is more important – the President of the U.S. or the museum doorman – neither. They both are on equal land when it comes to respect. What would the President do if no one flew his/her plane, fixed his/her dinner, or babysat the little kiddies. What about the nation’s garden, the flowers that beautify our land, or the staff that gives you the opportunity to visit a zoo, go to a movie, or grab a bite to eat at the ball field.

Respect is everyone’s right and until we realize that we are equal in whatever abilities, talents, or interests we may have, our personal choice does not pull rank on everyone else. Remember that the next time you pull your container of trash to the curb, or ask the produce man for advice on which tomato is best for chili. Human life does have a ladder of success, instead it is a level playing field with everyone doing what needs to be done, chooses a field that they feel would benefit themselves and others, but mostly, peace does not come with a title. You have to earn it and those who go to bed tired usually have a great night’s sleep.

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