How to Start a Business in the US

America is the land of opportunity and the well-established industry structures make it very easy for a novice who is wondering how to start a business in the US. The first thing a person needs to do is to analyze what kind of business to start, how much capital is needed, availability of funds and loan options etc. You should have drive and determination to work hard and not be dejected or give up incase of minor setbacks.

Do Sufficient Research

You have to do enough research about the business, the latest trends in the market, competition and legal structure of the business. If you want to incorporate, you should know what kind of Corporation you want, such as C, S or close corporation, LLC, or partnership etc. Sole proprietorship is the easiest and least-costly form of business entity, whereas a partnership is advantageous in helping bringing in more money to start a business. However, legal documents have to be drawn and agreements to be made about the distribution of profits etc., which can prove to be a headache for someone who likes to operate solo.

A detailed plan of the business, how to operate a business, how to get an edge over the competitors, what are the target goals and the time frame within which one aims to achieve them will be helpful to those wondering how to start a business in the US.

Availability of Credit

Availability of adequate capital is an important factor. Some people use personal assets to get a loan to start the business. While considering a loan one has to get the loan from a reputed financial agency after researching which creditor offers the lowest interest rates, borrow only as much as you can repay. Making the correct use of the borrowed fund is essential. Presenting a well-planned proposal with all the necessary details and confidence in your plans will help creditors such as banks to approve the loan. One has to convince the creditors that your loan is a low-risk investment for them. Organizations such as the SBA, bank or several government-funded organizations, offer help to those who need to know how to start a business in the US.

Licenses and Permits

Finding out what licenses and permits are required for operating your business and providing all the necessary documents to obtain the same is essential. The state website offers information regarding business licensing. The IRS can be contacted for information regarding taxation. Business insurance has to be considered and discussed with an appropriate agent. The local state government can be contacted for other important issues such as workers’ compensation, minimum wages etc. They can be very useful in providing important information regarding how to start a business in the US.

Making a plan of the day-to-day operations, leasing or renting a property for the business, equipment needed and the number of employees needed, what to charge for the products or the service that your business offers has to be carefully considered. Adequate marketing such as via the Internet, advertising in the yellow pages etc will be necessary.

Once the business has been established it is necessary to work hard, have a clear idea of how to operate the business, good fiscal management, knowing how to prioritize and work on a budget, establish a good credit record with credit reporting agencies and having a firm commitment to pay off debts as soon as possible.

A helpful government, as well as softwares that are available online which can create documents and record documents needed to operate a business, has made it very easy for those who want to start a business in the US.

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