Business Writing – Is this the most valuable lesson of all?

I would like to introduce one of the most important words in business writing, but before I do a little background is needed:

Most business writing is aimed at persuading someone to do something.

Whether suppliers, customers or employees the objective is the same! – to persuade the reader to act.

If you want them to do what you say, then you have to grab their attention over all of the other mail

So even in the least important letter ? a headline is important ? that makes your reader want to read on! ? And to do that creating curiosity is vital.

Here is the a way to do that – using the word THESE or THIS

One famous headline which successfully launched a course was “do you make these mistakes in english”

See how powerful the word THESE is it makes you read the copy to find out which are the mistakes.

This headline can be used as the basis for almost any situation

Do you make these mistakes with your accounts?

Are you using this little know tax loophole

This is the true secret of minimising tax!

So how about this or these in your headline

Few people realise until they go on business writing courses ? how much is known about persuasion in print ? and which words can make a massive difference

Before you write another letter go take a look at Mikes tips and tricks on business writing at Business Writing Courses and download free reports on Business Writing

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