Solving Global Food Crisis Through Natural Methods

The act of reforming agricultural practices that have been prevailing for more than a century is not an easy task. During the migration process, there could be a fall in crop production which would lead to food shortage situations all over the world. Moreover, the productivity of the new methods might take a very long time before they become fit for the global consumption. Scientific research is fast progressing in finding effective solutions to step up industrial agriculture through natural means. The use of chemicals is to be completely eradicated, and natural raw materials and fertilizers are to be used for sustainable agriculture.

Agriculture is an inevitable industry that feeds the entire global population. Without agriculture, the human race will perish within a short while, and there won’t be anything left in the world. Further, incorrect agricultural practices could lead to killing of farmlands that will end up turn into barren lands unfit for irrigation or farming purposes. The use of chemical fertilizers has reduced large fragments of farmlands into deserts that cannot grow any more crops. The crop cycles have stopped, and all that is left is vacant land upon which no productive activity could be done.

Sustainable agriculture is aimed at reversing the ill effects of chemical based farming processes. It adopts the use of natural manure procured from livestock and other allied farming activities. Its objective is to reduce the reliance of artificial products and to use natural products that have less or nil effect on the environmental health. Further, the waste generated from one activity is used in another so that nothing goes waste damaging the soil.

There are quite a few challenges that organic farming will have to address before it can termed as the only solution for improving industrial agriculture. First of all it should be able to meet the growing demand of food crops on a consistent basis. Farmers should be able to generate crop production at par with chemically induced farming. Further, the durability of the crops will also diminish when they are naturally made. Hence, their transportation and storage will also pose a huge problem for the farming community.

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