Quality Seed Production In Horse Gram

Determination of area
The determination of the area is the most important task for a seed maker. The seed generation plot must be chosen deliberately. Choice of prolific and solid seed plot will surely help in the generation of value seed. The field should not have been sown with horse gram in the past season. It is carried out to maintain a strategic distance from volunteer plants that cause admixture. Fields persistently developed with horse gram may harbor the pathogen for root spoil or shrivel. Consequently, such fields must be dodged wherever conceivable. Emulating, the product pivot will help to lessen endemic pathogen. Soil with nonpartisan pH must be chosen. Soil or mud topsoil are best suited. Higher natural matter will prompt creation of the fiery seed.

Detaching the seed product to dodge hereditary defilement
The quality seed must be hereditarily and physically unadulterated. Hereditary virtue can be kept up by averting cross-fertilization with other undesirable mixed bags. It is accomplished by disconnecting the seed yield.

Seclusion is the demonstration of developing the seed harvest far from a contaminant such that cross-fertilization is anticipated. The horse gram seed harvest must be grown 5 m (15 feet) far from an alternate mixture of horse gram.

Often we run over seed agriculturists grumbling that they are not ready to detach seed harvest. Under such condition, five lines of maize can be raised all around seed yield to prevent sullying.

Selecting the privilege season
Seed is exceptionally touchy to climate. A grain harvest can be sold at a lower cost regardless of the possibility that it harmed by downpour. Be that as it may a seed harvest, if influenced will prompt diminished seed force. Thus selecting the privilege season is essential. By and large, the seed ought to develop in cool, dry atmosphere. Seasons are to be chosen just in view of this thought. In Tamil Nadu, the best seed harvest is developed amid September – January.

Arrangement of area
The area is made into edges and grooves of one feet wide or overnight boarding houses of 4′ x 6′ contingent upon development hones.


Ten cartloads (5t) of decently decayed fertilizer is spread alongside basal application of 20kg urea and 60kg super phosphate every section of land.

Determination of seeds

Seeds utilized for sowing must be from a valid source. A true source is one that demonstrates the hereditary virtue and different parts of seed nature of the seed being sown. Seeds utilized for sowing must likewise be overwhelming no one but we can expect a decent field stand. Seeds must be checked for hard seeds, ailing seeds, and juvenile seeds, contracted and disfigured seeds.

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