Getting a Farm Ownership Loan

If you are a budding farmer dreaming of owning your own farm or a farmer wanting to expand or in need of money after some setbacks, then there are various options for obtaining a farming loan.

There are many banks that offer farming loans at reasonable rates of interest. Check out the rates of different banks and also check their re-payment terms before deciding. But banks will ask for collateral or guarantees which might be easy for bigger farmers. In this case it could be possible to get a loan from the government guaranteed banks, which are available through their affiliated banks and financial institutions. This department is handled by the United States Department of Agriculture [USDA] and is called the FSA [Farm Service Agency].

Getting a farm ownership loan will now become easier with the United States government proposing several changes to the rules and forms for farmers, and ranchers wanting to procure farm loans by 1st January-2008.

This means that there are fewer pages in the code of federal regulations and less forms to be filled up. Previously there were 40 instruction manuals which have been replaced by 6 handbooks and all the forms are now available online. The new program rules will be applicable from 1st January-2008 and until then the old rules will apply according to FSA.

You too can get a loan from your local bank or financial institution in your area, which is authorized by the government to do so. They advance you the money to take over a farm i.e. take over the land and all fixed assets such as any constructed buildings on it as well as the plant and machinery on it. They also lend you money to purchase new farming equipment and other improvements, which may be needed to improve the water and soil quality and ensure conservation.

These loans can also be used to purchase livestock, their feed and seeds for farming. FSA Loans are provided to new farmers who might not qualify for a loan from regular banks or financial institutions. Regular banks ask for guarantees and collateral which not everybody might be able to furnish. Even regular farmers who have limited finance or have suffered losses due to natural disasters can qualify for this loan. You can go to their website or approach your local bank or institution authorized by them for details of obtaining a loan. The government guarantee is given to these authorized banks to repay most of the loan if the farmer is unable to do so.

You can also take the services of a farm loan broker who can assess your needs regarding the amount of loan you require and the re-payment period etc. He can then get you the best loan possible at the best interest rates since he would know about the available options. His knowledge will benefit the both of you and help you in getting a loan faster.

Thus owning and running your own farm will no longer remain a dream and you too can avail of a loan to get your own farm started and running.

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