Farming goes the high-tech way

If you think agriculture industry is far from technology, you are sadly mistaken. The farmers worldwide are willingly accepting high-tech products in order to cope up with increasing food demands.

What was earlier done by hand is now managed with the help of giant machines. There are many problems that cannot be addressed with baling wire and duct pipe anymore. The need for modern agricultural machines has become inevitable for better productivity and both farmers as well as tractors suppliers are realizing this.

Breaking a trend of agricultural appliances using 14 V electricity for on-board use, a system with high voltage was introduced in the farming industry. Providing power to electrically driven engine auxiliaries, it reduces fuel consumption, particularly under part load conditions. Today, more farmers are encouraged to use high voltage system, owing to the below mentioned features of the same.

Generation of adequate electrical power
Optimized controllability of power flows
Reduced parasitic loads due to engine auxiliaries so as to enhance overall machine efficacy
More flexibly arranged components
Increased productivity as well as operator comfort

Now-a-days, because of the advancement in technology, it is possible to grow crops even in a desert. Plants are engineered to survive in drought conditions. Genetic engineering has enabled the scientists to introduce traits into the current genes, with a focus to make crops pest and drought resistant.

Not only this, farmers are now making use of mobile applications in order to evaluate the growth of grass in the field. This not only helps save their time and money, but also helps gain better insight into how much they are left with to feed their animals.

Farming has become a real business, all because of the technology. Since every process has been electrified by the farmers, consumers can now order required products online, which are then delivered at their doorsteps directly from the field while they are fresh. This saves the money of the farmers and bypasses mediators who often purchase low from farmers and sell at high prices to the customers. This technology is differently used by each farmer as per respective needs and preferences. While some make use of it to create fertilizers, others use it to advertise their products or for production.

For farmers opting for high-tech farming it is vital to understand that large capital outlay is needed to purchase specialized machine, ensure proper maintenance and train labour. Before farmers turn towards machines manufacturing industry to invest in modern agriculture machines, it is necessary to have technical information at first place.

Indo Farm Equipment Limited manufactures world-class tractors and pick-and-carry cranes. The company has advanced foundry that is equipped with induction furnaces so as to ensure improved quality. The tractors available here are equipped with high power engines and are ideal for transportation as well as farm usage.

Author is a post graduate in agricultural sciences and also an avid writer. She is a regular contributor to agriculture-related platforms in print as well as online. She has written various articles about machines manufacturing industry, agricultural machines, tractors suppliers and more.

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