Can you make money from Agriculture?

Don’t be shocked if you hear this question. Given the lucid ambiguity that surrounds the subject, chances are people will have huge doubts. Years ago when you said agriculture was your profession, people would assume that your role was restricted to growing grains, selling it and even eating a part of your produce. In fact, programs that Symbiosis Institutes are currently offering like the MBA in Agribusiness and the other options under the MBA in Symbiosis dealing with management wouldn’t have been considered important to manage the agriculture lands of a family. Traditionally, you were counted as a farmer with little reputation. If you managed to be a little rich, you were a rich farmer. But, that’s it your profession was restricted to farming that required familial knowledge and no managerial expertise. However, agriculture has grown and evolved. Today, agriculture no longer carries its mundane impression of being restricted to the country side farmers. It is the new era of agribusiness wherein the usage of managerial expertise has led to agriculture being developed as a sustainable form of business that earns big profits.
Yes! Today if you are a farmer, study the business through programs like MBA in Agribusiness and you could become a millionaire. There are few institutions like the renowned Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune that specialize in offering programs like MBA in Agribusiness. Having started out as an MBA in International Business institution, SIIB grew to include other programs and currently it is counted amongst the best institutions for the MBA in Agribusiness program. Why is SIIB the best place to pursue the MBA in Agribusiness program compared to the other MBA in Pune options? Well, the answer to this question is simple. It’s the Symbiosis tag so the quality education, world class academic infrastructure, innovative teaching methods, best faculty and a comprehensive curriculum that put SIIB in the top league.
However, for those of you who still have their doubts, here are a few reasons why the MBA in Agribusiness could be your ticket to a golden career:
1. India’s is a strongly agriculture driven economy. However, there is a clear dearth of qualified people to look after the job. This means that there is plenty of opportunity to get into the domain and make it a multimillion dollar business. In fact, many people have done it and so can you. So, what are you waiting for?
2. The MBA in Agribusiness is a comprehensive degree. So, you will be learning management, rural marketing, relevant case studies, along with getting exposure to the industry. After all, in places like SIIB, the industry training is mandatory. If you are smart, you can use this industry training to start building your contacts and get personal insights into the business model as well.
3. You get to do an MBA in Symbiosis. This is a tag that promises quality education, best exposure and several other unique features that you can rarely see in any of the other B school options.

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