Become A PI In Florida! Start By Training To Be A ‘CC’ Intern Private Investigator.

Florida is definitely the hub of Private Investigations. Public records are readily available, licensure is easily obtained and the business environment is friendly. Many retired police detectives move to Florida to start their new PI career. The average Joe can, too.

Skip Tracing, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Videography/Photography, Executive Protection, Pre-employment Investigations, Surveillance and Counter Surveillance are just a few of the many specialties from which to choose.

Here is the process to becoming an Intern Private Investigator in Florida (CC Intern PI):

Complete the required 40 hours of training (can be done on-line) and get a sponsor (an employer ” PI Agency). This can be done from outside of Florida by taking an on-line course. Also, make sure that you check with the Florida Department of Agriculture about the possibility of your past investigative work experience and/or education shortening the length of the two-year internship required before becoming a full C licensed Private Investigator.

Obtain an Intern Private Investigator State application from a Florida regional office or have one sent to you from the Florida Department of Agriculture. You will need to: o fill out the application booklet, o pull out the sponsorship page from the application and have your sponsor (PI agency) fill it out, o have an authorized facility (e.g. any police department) workup your fingerprint card (included in the application), o provide a passport-style photo, o send the original copy of the Certificate of Completion from the 40 hour CC Intern Investigator course to the Florida Department of Agriculture and o submit the State fees.

Send the package to the Florida Department of Agriculture with ‘Return Receipt Mail’ after you make a copy of everything for your records.

After you have sent the above items to the Florida Department of Agriculture, you can commence your internship with a sponsor. The State will send you a letter informing you that they are in receipt of your application; you must carry this letter with you at all times while you are working. Within three to four months, the State will send you a laminated CC Intern card that you are to keep with you as well.

If you are like me, you will never regret becoming a Private Investigator. You will enjoy the independence that this career has to offer. You will enjoy the income and the recession-proof nature of this job.

Why not launch your new career now!

Johnston Blakley is a Private Investigator in South Florida. He’s the founder of Investigative Training LLC., a company that provides training courses and video media to the investigative field worldwide.

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