Agritechnica: Massey Ferguson’s New Idea of Serving Agriculture

Era of Agritechnica

Agritechnica is yet another venture of Massey Ferguson tractor manufacturers to improve the agriculture by innovation and modern advancements. Agritechnica is a new venture in which MF launches a great deal of new products such as innovative tractors, small and big square balers and backhoe. These Agritechnica products are medium in size but with monolithic energy and power that could do the work twice as fast as the other regular Massey Ferguson machines and vehicles.

General Specifications

The tractors are innovative and consume less power as compared to the previous launched by the company. Agritechnica tractors replace the existing four cylinder tractors with new and improved ones. The tractors have been designed in a way that it must be capable of handling heavy power loads and yet remain lightweight vehicle at the end of the day.

Incorporation of SCR system

Long gone are the days where agricultural vehicles were characterized massive and imposing out lay of the machine. New era is of light weight, heavy workload, reasonable fuel consumption and increased productivity are some of the many features modern day world of tractors appreciate.
Moreover service costs are said to be cut if the owner uses maintenance free SCR system. Due to stage 3 b with selective catalytic reduction technology in Agco power engines the service hours have been dramatically reduced to 500 hours that means less expenditure on maintenance expense.

Option loader

There is a facility of being option loader. It has efficient joystick that has been incorporated in to arm set console. So while operating the loader all by itself and that too manually, gears and controls are manual and requires a lot of time. Once you get used to the electronic joystick you can handle gears, its ratios, shuttle control automatically just by a pressing the button. Thus it is a very lucrative locomotive that attracts much attention.

Immense popularity

Ever since its inception, Agritechnica has become immensely popular among agriculture folks. Massey has lived up to its promise of providing the super best and this is just another instance of its success in the market. Companies as well as individuals are largely investing in Agritechnica making it a huge achievement for Massey Ferguson and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps.

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