5 Reasons Why Farmers Should Adopt Eco-Friendly Organic Insecticides, Fungicides and Fertilizers

Organic agriculture is currently one of the world’s fastest growing sectors within the food industry, primarily due to the increasing awareness among consumers about the environment and their own health. Increasing numbers of consumers are shifting towards the organic diet and this has consequently led to an increase in number of farmers who are now switching from the more traditional farming methods to techniques that are far more eco-friendly.

This increasing trend is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down and with further studies in recent years showing just how harmful the chemicals that are used in traditional farming are to both our health and the environment, one can understand why.

This is why the transition to organic farming and the use of products such as an eco-friendly pesticide and an organic fertilizer from leading manufacturers on crops is important for anyone involved in any kind of farming whether it is for industry farming or for home farming.

Take a look at five big reasons you should be considering making the change from the traditional chemical pesticides and fertilizers to the eco-friendly organic insecticides, fungicides and plant nutrient functionality fertilizer:

Ease of transition

One of the biggest benefits of moving over to organic agriculture is that the transition is an easy one. Big changes aren’t necessary in farming methods apart from using specially developed products such as eco-friendly pesticides to deal with pests safely and an eco-friendly fertilizer to help the growth of crops in a safe manner.

Decrease in production costs

Another huge benefit is that eco-friendly agriculture is actually cheaper than traditional agriculture. This is because the biological products available from industry leading firms are usually less costly than their chemical filled pesticides and fertilizers. In general, it is believed that around 30% savings can be made on these products.

Healthier soil

The ingredients used in an eco-friendly organic fertilizer or pesticide will help to nourish the soil and its microorganisms while the chemicals and their toxic residues in traditional products will slowly kill the microorganisms and affect the quality and fertility of the soil. This hence could lead to healthier soil that can be sustained for decades.

More money to be made

As is already commonly known, organic products in the stores generally cost more than the standard products. The reason behind this trend is that the current demand for these food products is presently higher than the actual supply and this scarcity allows for higher prices and higher profits for farmers due to the demand. Reliable estimates predict that the demand for organic food products won’t be slowing down over the next decade.

Great for our health and the environment

Finally, the main reason as to why you should be making the switch to organic agriculture is because of the health of our planet and our people. The chemicals used in traditional farming products are dangerous to our health and to the environment too. By making the switch and using an eco-friendly organic pesticide and organic fertilizer, you will be doing your part at helping the environment.


As you can see above, there is really no reason to not think about switching over to organic agriculture. It is safer, it is cheaper, it can yield more profits, and it is not even difficult to make the transition. Most importantly, using organic agriculture and products such as an eco-friendly organic insecticides, fungicides and plant nutrient functionality fertilizer will be great for the health of both the environment and the human population.

Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Nature and Future . By making the switch and using an Eco-friendly Organic Insecticides and organic fertilizer, you will be doing your part at helping the environment.

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