Travel To Go & Jeanette Bunn & Tommy Middaugh Reviews Great Smokey Mountain Vacations

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A Look At Great Smokey Mountains From Travel To Go

Located in Tennessee and North Carolina, Great Smoky Mountain National Park is home to ridge upon ridge of forests, home to some of the most stunning views and amazing wildlife left in the United States today. A remnant of eras long past, this rustic and natural area has been preserved to offer visitors today a look at the history of the area, animals of the area and some of the most amazing sunrises you will see anywhere in the world today.

Like all National Parks, Smoky Mountains was named a National Park not only for the people of the United States, but also for the animals and plants in the area as well. Unique and often difficult to find, the ecosystems of the Great Smoky Mountains include ancient forests, hundreds of animals and bird species and one of the most ecologically diverse areas of plants left in the United States.

The most visited parks in the U.S. Great Smoky Mountains is great to visit year round. Between 8 and 10 million visitors come to explore the Appalachian wilderness each year. Things to do in this National Park include:
* Wildlife Viewing
* Wildflower viewing
* Waterfall viewing
* Picknicking
* Horseback riding
* Historic explorations
* Hiking
* Fishing
* Camping
* Biking
* Auto Touring

The United States is famous around the world for its National Parks. Visited each year by millions, the National Parks are home to some of the most spectacular views, stunning historical areas and most amazing activities in the world. Perfect for vacationers from around the world, the U.S. National Parks offer almost 300 completely unique and amazing sites of interest throughout the 50 states. Travel To Go welcomes you to one of these amazing sites of interest, the Great Smoky Mountains. Enjoy the view, experience the history that is Smoky Mountains National Park with a look at our National Parks from Travel To Go Reviews.

If you enjoy traveling for less and exploring the world, Travel To Go invites you to travel with us. Whether visiting our National Parks like Great Smoky Mountains or any other of our amazing sites from mountains to amusement parks or just small town America, big cities or around the world, Travel To Go can take you there for less. Learn more about travel and travel more with Travel To Go your partner in travel and be sure to check out Travel To Go Scam Watch, serving to protect people from the abuses of travel scams. Also, Travel To Go Complaints Board is there to help you handle any travel scams you might hear about. Be sure to visit us at or at

Travel To Go & Jeanette Bunn & Tommy Middaugh Reviews Great Smokey Mountain Vacations

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