Travel Nursing Jobs Are In High Demand…EVERYWHERE

If you’re a nurse that is suffering from burnout like so many nurses are, it may just be time for a change. You LOVE helping people, and worked so hard to get where you are, but if your daily work has turned into a burden for whatever reason, it may be time to look into travel nursing jobs. Travel nursing jobs are literally everywhere, and travel nurses are in high demand. If you’re thinking it’s time for a change of pace or change of scenery, or both…travel nursing jobs may just be the perfect move for you! So what can you expect with travel nursing jobs? Where can you go and how will you do it? Here are the basics of travel nursing jobs.
US Assignments – Assignments are temporary and can vary based on location. You can go to a rural area, specialty facility or urban hospital. Most assignments here in the USA are 13 weeks in duration. One of the great benefits of travel nursing jobs is that you might be able to extend your assignment if you love it, or move on if it’s not the perfect fit, AND if you have a great travel nursing agency, you will get a bonus for completing your assignment.
International Assignments – International travel nursing jobs can be an exciting opportunity, and locations like Australia and the UK typically have lots of travel nursing jobs available. If you decide to travel abroad, you can expect your position to be in a private or public hospital in both metropolitan and rural areas. International travel nurses typically have 12 – 24 month permanent placement contracts, which is good, considering the lengthy licensing and immigration processes.
For nurses contemplating travel nursing jobs, housing is one of the top concerns. You can expect to receive a housing stipend from your travel nursing agency, or even better, fully furnished, luxurious accommodations waiting for you. If you are traveling with family, pets or friends, not to worry, your agency will ensure your needs are met and expectations are exceeded with your accommodations. In addition to having great accommodations provided for you, you can expect to be reimbursed for your utilities, relocation, and receive tax advantages if you maintain your residence back home.
Location, Location Location!
Now for the best part…so where do you want to go? Travel nursing jobs are everywhere, both here in the US and overseas! Have you dreamed of a life down under in Australia? Do you want to visit all of the many countries Europe has to offer, from a familiar, English-speaking base like the UK? If you’d rather stay here in the US, obviously, the sky’s the limit! Want to winter in warm, sunny Florida? Yearning to explore California, New England, or Oregon? The great thing is, you can visit them all with travel nursing jobs!
If you’d like a change of pace from your normal nursing job, you should consider travel nursing jobs in 2016. Travel nursing jobs can be an exciting, fun, change of pace in great destinations that will allow you to explore our world. Apply online and let us help you get the best pay with the most benefits in the top travel nursing destinations today!

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