Travel Insurance Plans for Seniors

Travelling worldwide, to beautiful destinations is indeed a passion for people of all ages. From lovely locales to pristine areas to commercial shopping hubs and monuments, the lure of understanding the different cultures, history, food et al are simply irresistible. However senior citizens have to take some precautions while traveling outside their home-country. Canada Insurance Plan offers an array of benefits for people over 60, 80, and 80 till 89 years. The premium travel insurance plans with ample benefits at affordable rates are viable for everyone and one can understand it better by checking the ‘Free No Obligation Quote from Travel Insurance’. To know more, clients can contact their toll-free number 866-517-0606.

The key benefits offered by this considerate team include Emergency Medical Treatment when injured or sick; services of physicians, registered nurse and surgeon; special private duty nursing for worse conditions; X-Ray and Lab; Ambulance & Rental plus essential medical supplies; prescription drugs for up to 30 days; dental care; and the maximum liability is $ 5,000,000.

This travel insurance for seniors makes it easier and hassle-free for the senior citizens to travel outside Canada as they take care of uncalled-for emergencies. From taking care in the event of hospital confinement and treatments to the services of a physician and more, their services are indeed matchless! Dental issues make trips all the more dreadful. With Canada Insurance Plan the services of a licensed dentist or dental surgeon for emergency dental treatments as well as the cost of prescription drugs, and X-rays are provided if initiated within 48 hours of emergency. However it should be completed in less than 90 days. A few benefits and allowances are offered to manage such emergencies effectively. The out-of-pocket expenses offered by them ranges from $ 400-$ 4,000 for commercial accommodation, meals, telephone calls, internet charges, taxi, bus fare, rentals, parking charges as well as child-care expenses, if the expenses are incurred by the insured.

Adding another feather to their cap is the snowbird Insurance policies that offer $ 10,000 in the event of an accident or if a person dies. It is for the preparation and return of the body, $ 4,000 for burial and cremation and transportation costs for one family member, to a limit of $ 150/day given for commercial accommodation and meals per day for 5 days, maximum. Canada Insurance Plan provides emergency air transportation escort of children and grandchildren, repatriation costs and family transportation if it is approved and arranged by One-World Assist.

Travel insurance for seniors with pre-existing conditions is applicable to persons of 59 years or younger only and it is offered for trips of 35 days or under. Super visa Insurance for return of senior Canadians travelling outside Canada is limited to a maximum of $ 4,000. From return of the vehicle to return to the destination, return of accompanying dog or cat, return of excess baggage and return of travelling companion, Canada Insurance Plan covers almost all the aspects of travel and heighten the pleasure of enjoying every trip without any worries.

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