Travel API Integration by Axis Softech

What is Travel API Integration?
Travel API Integration is the process by which all Travel Portals and Apps runs and operates successfully to do all bookings and financial transactions. There is Travel API behind these Travel portal and apps which manage travel bookings and financial transactions related to all bookings of customers.

Now the question arise in your mind how these travel portals and apps operate?
The simple answer to this by the help of API Integration these Travel Portal and Travel Apps operates and pull the live inventory of Air, Hotel, Bus and Car.Travel API is the backbone of any travel portal and App because without API Integration Travel Portal will not function and we do not call it portal it will be called website which is use to provide only information.

Who Integrate Travel API in Travel Portals and Apps?
To integrate Travel API there are several Travel Technology companies who integrate these APIs and design Travel Portals but there are only few companies which have expertise to Integrate API others do not have expertise and experience to Integrate API, they completely waste your time and wants to make quick money so be careful when you choose any technology company to integrate travel API in Travel Portal

Parameters to Choose Travel API
There are few parameters which you should keep in mind while you choose Travel API for Travel Portal and Apps.Travel API Integration offer wide range of services such as transit requests, travel expenses, bookings (air, hotel, bus, car, etc), and price comparison with other service provider, live flight, bus and car tracking, review by other travelers. The APIs also scored well against the following parameters:
* Popularity – The popularity of API depends on how many travel agencies and organization using that API
* Potential – The potential of API depends upon that how many inventories it can pull from the providers and consolidators database. If it can pull up to 90% inventory of fights, hotels, bus and cars then this type of API has great potential for Travel Technology companies and for online Travel Agencies and Travel Companies.
* Documentation – Every API has a document code and key which is integrated into Travel Portal and then it operates smoothly
* Ease of use – There should be easiness to integrate API for Travel Technology Company because it would create problem if developers face problem to integrate API.
* Functionality – Travel API should have all functionalities to handle Travel Portal and Apps.

Author describes Travel API Integration in Travel portal Development.

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