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Schengen Visa is required for visiting the Schengen area, which is an assigned group of 26 countries within which no border checks are conducted and one can cross these boundaries at any time without any kind of formalities. The absence of checks at the internal borders is compensated by high Schengen standards through which some rules have been set out for many areas, including visas. These 26 countries are fully integrated with Schengen visa through which one can drive through the western part of the European continent, from the southern tip of Spain up to the Baltic Sea, without any stop.

AMA Travel Shield is preeminent in providing exceptional travel insurance services for overseas travelers. Because of its great expertise in this domain, the company has become a brand for travel insurance products in the field of worldwide travel insurances. Buying travel insurance is a prerequisite for a Schengen visa. It provides the freedom to travel wherever one desires, within the Schengen Area without having to worry about multiple passports, visas, and long lines at control points. To acquire the Schengen visa, applicants are required to present proof of travel insurance that meet the Schengen visa standards, to the visa authorities in order to get the required visa. AMA Travel Shield travel insurance easily fulfills all the requirements of travel insurance that are required for obtaining the Schengen visa.

AMA Travel Shield offers an online platform to buy Schengen Travel Insurance, for a trouble free stay in Schengen countries. The Company’s travel insurance comes in a wide variety of tailor made options, so it’s very important to make sure that one buys a policy that fits their needs exactly. The plan offers a wide range of benefits and services which are adequate to provide complete peace of mind during their visit abroad. Whether one is travelling abroad for leisure or business deal, for academics or research assignments, the insurance plans offer them protection from high costs due to illness or accidents during their stay. Buying Schengen Travel insurance means that one is protected from any unexpected events which can be happen while travelling to the Schengen region. The module helps travelers get immediate medical attention, and other benefits before returning to their own country.
Buy Schengen Travel Insurance, as it works as a true protective shield to guard a traveler in the Schengen area. The Company offers Schengen Platinum, Schengen Gold, Schengen Silver and Schengen Basic plans with different features and coverage to suit the various needs of clients. Travelling can be made easy in Schengen countries with the help of AMA Travel Shield Schengen travel insurance.

The Company provides 24/7 emergency services to help with any medical emergency. As among the most preferred travel insurer, the company offers innovative travel insurance solutions at very affordable premiums. All its plans are designed to cater to the ever changing needs of an individual. Whether it is a holiday trip or business tour, International travel insurance helps the policy holder travel peacefully and safely at affordable rates, possessing Schengen travel insurance can help travelers get immediate medical attention and other assistances. The team of competent experts of the company are always ready to meet the needs and expectations of their clients in order to deliver the highest level of services, ensuring the buyers that they have bought the best type of cover for all their comprehensive needs while travelling abroad.

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