Important Things To Know About Travel Insurance

Travelers buy a travel insurance plan that suits best to their travelling needs and that is soft on their budget. They are buying it through online or through banks when they get the Forex requirements or through the insurance agents. Platinum Insurance Broker provides you the best Travel Insurance in Dubai UAE as per your needs ensuring you to have a safe journey and a memorable vacation travel.

Various plans are offered by various companies and the travelers should be aware of the various benefits that are covered under such policies before buying the policy.

1. Pre-existing medical conditions: Many insurance policies exclude this medical condition. It refers to the medical condition that is required before the initiation of the policy or prior to the travel. So if you are suffering from any illness, most of the travel insurance policies do not cover these conditions. If any complication arises because of surgery, accident or illness prior to the travel, it is not covered in most of the insurance policies.

2. Travel insurance policy covers specific injuries or accidents: Most of the policies enumerate the coverage in the policy. The accident or illness that is not mentioned in the document is not covered. So it is wise to read the policy document as it may help you in emergency.

3. Coverage condition for Pregnancy: It specifies the condition for pregnancy complication or child birth whether covered or not. Usually travel insurance classifies the pregnancy as pre-existing condition. Therefore if it happens to go into labor during the travel most policies do not cover the medical expenses. Hence it is very much necessary to know the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy in advance. So if you plan to go for travelling during pregnancy, take the rightful measures in the policy.

4. Activities and Sports in the travel: If you are adventurous in your travel and take part in the extreme sports, any injury you may get will not be covered under the travel policy. There are exclusions in the travel policy such as mountain climbing, parasailing, paragliding and bungee jumping.

5. Mental Health: Self inflicted wounds, Emotional breakdowns, Mental illness are not covered under travel insurance policy. If a person with mental problem undergoes treatment during the travel will not be covered in the policy.

6. Local protests or War: Terrorism is covered by most of the travel policies but the civil unrest or acts of war are excluded in the policy. So if any war breaks out or there is civil unrest, you have to cancel the trip or change the travel plan. Travel insurance will not protect the policy holders if it happens to change the plans due to violent outbreaks.

7. Loss of important items: If the personal documents, baggage that have been checked in the Airline are lost or damaged then the company will reimburse the cost of the articles for any amount within the total sum assured given in the schedule. The personal documents may be insured person’s identity card, driving license, car license, voter identity card etc.

8. Cancelled tours: Travel Insurance policy includes the cancellation if you cancel your trip. The insured person can get the refund from the company but it will not include the expenditures such a hotel accommodation and air fare

The aim of the travel insurance is to facilitate you to travel without any worries. As the best Travel Insurance Provider in Dubai Platinum Insurance Provider offers travel insurance that covers medical expenses, loss of passport, loss of baggage and any other such losses that may occur in your international travelling. You can arrange Travel insurance in Dubai at the time of the booking of the travel trip to cover the travel duration. The coverage can be carried and you can purchase to have higher risk items such as terrorism cover, adventure sports etc.

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