What To Look For While Booking A Decent Hotel In Malta

Technically, it is a simple decision if you are booking a five star hotel because Malta has only 15 five star hotels like Preluna, Seabank or Phoenicia hotel on the Malta Island. But, there are roughly about 50 4-star hotels and 60 three-star hotels on Malta Island. There are more on Gozo, Camino, and other destinations. So, when you look for the Malta hotel, you can select the most suitable hotel in Malta in just a few minutes. Here is what you can prioritise.

Travel Budget:

For a lot of people planning Malta holiday, it is the most important factor. Most of the Malta Islands tour itineraries do not require the stay to explore the scenic spots, elegant European architecture or the water adventures. So, you can book 3 decent three star hotel on main island explore the entire Malta archipelago easily. There are few smart choices available. You can consider Panorama hotel in Malta. Situated in Mellieha, it has relaxed ambiance, great restaurant and bar service, if you stay in and free Wi-Fi. The only reason why Panorama hotel in Malta is a mentionable one is that it offers great quality service, elegant atmosphere and swimming pool in a competitive three star pricing. That’s the kind of hotel you want, wherever you choose to book.

Facilities and amenities:

For adventure and leisure travellers, the hotel with basic amenities will not be enough. The adventurers need to recoup after the exhilarating day in the Mediterranean Sea waters. The leisure travellers do not have sightseeing driven itinerary. They need to unwind and relax. So, back end support and amenities matter more than the res. For such travellers, 4-star and 5-stars hotels in Malta offer great choice. You can consider Coastline hotel for Malta. Situated in Naxxar, this hotel is leisure stay driven than sightseeing driven. Along with the endless list of activities, it has swimming pool, restaurants, bars and perfect travel support for stepping out. Though, Coastline Hotel in Malta is not located for rushing to outdoors, it has spa and wellness centre with game room, library barbeque facilities and more. So, you can spend a day in water adventures and return to Coastline hotel for Malta fun.

Then, there are four star hotels like Qawra Palace Hotel in Malta. Bit more expensive than Malta’s Coastline hotel, but it includes a hell lot more of leisure and services for that price. The indoor pool in Qawra Palace Hotel of Malta may not seem special, but a very own private beach will. You can enjoy several water sports on site. So, if you want to indulge in water skiing, paragliding, jet-skiing and more, all you need is a booking in Qawra Palace Hotel of Malta. With exhaustive spa and wellness centre, live night-time entertainment and 2 swimming pools, Qawra Palace Hotel is world-apart from Malta’s Panorama hotel. Coastline hotel in Malta is also somewhere between.

Steffy Walker, a writer from the UK, booked an awesome vacation in the Coastline Hotel in Malta via Chevron.co.uk and explored the adventures, beaches, food, parties, as well as a stay in the Qawra Palace Hotel Malta. After returning from Malta tour, she shares a few experiences about the great trip as well as memories of other great hotels in the region, including the Panorama Hotel Malta.

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