Things to Consider Before Investing in a Hotel Property Management System

Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS) is a technology platform that has gained immense importance as hotel operation has become quite complex these days. Hotel management software automates operational processes from check-in to finance and inventory management, while assisting hotel staff to centrally track and analyze vital information real-time. Hotel PMS adoption has become a strategic necessity in order to offer quality guest service, too.

What Drives Hotels to adopt Hotel Property Management System?

Hotel PMS has become the central nerve system of hotel operations. However, many hoteliers use different parameters to gauge the usefulness of hotel software before buying. According to recent industry findings –
* A large number of hotels look for a Property Management System that is integrated with several third party technology solutions.
* They also want the Hotel PMS should enable them to manage and view operations from a single screen.
* Quite a sizeable chunk of hoteliers want Hotel software that helps them use guest profile information to improve the quality of services.
* Many users like the hotel management software to assist them in enhancing operational efficiency while reducing operational costs.
Hoteliers would like to leverage the Hotel PMS to generate analytical reports for actionable insights.

Review Hotel PMS from IDS Next and leverage hospitality technology to the fullest

IDS Next Hotel PMS, otherwise known as Hotel ERP due to its robustness has earned the reputation of being one of the smart and all-in-inclusive hotel software. Here is how it helps hoteliers in many aspects of their operations –

Integration to third party technology solutions/platforms

With IDS Next Hotel PMS, users can have competitive edge with a large number of third party hardware and software solutions through a seamless integration.

Comprehensive Hotel 360 Hospitality Solutions

Through Hotel 360 Hospitality Solutions, IDS Next empowers hotels to access solutions like web booking engine, online reputation management, channel manager, revenue management, mobile apps and more. It also includes robust business analytic capabilities and helps hoteliers gain insights into emerging business trends.

Access to guest profile information

Maintaining guest history is crucial for hoteliers to engage in targeted marketing. IDS Next Hotel ERP has a robust guest history that enables hotelier to customize the guests stay. The guest history sub-module in Front Office dynamically captures guests’ details and stores them in a centralized database. Hoteliers can access this information to roll out loyalty plans for repeat guests. It helps them to offer customize services to return guests as they get to know about their demographics, past purchase/spending patterns, likes and dislikes. Thus, hoteliers can improve the quality of guest services.

Enhanced operational efficiency & optimized operational costs

IDS Next Hotel PMS comes with 12 modules that are critical for effective automation across all the departments at a hotel. This Hotel PMS offers lower total cost of ownership for its users as it runs on a single database. It also helps users witness a reduced maintenance cost as the software runs on a single server. This is the ultimate Hotel PMS that assists its users to centralize and streamline operations to improve overall operational efficiency and productivity.

Generate vital analytical reports

An enterprise class Hotel PMS has in-built report engines that lets users design and create hundreds of reports such as forecast report, night audit and expected arrival report for Front Office.

Similarly, hoteliers can generate aging summary report, folio outstanding report and balance by accounts report pertaining to Accounts Receivables. At the same time, it also allows user to generate and analyze several PoS reports including sales report, cashier report, audit report and tax reports etc.

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