The Sheraton Roma Hotel, Italian Luxury

If you are planning on going to Italy, you’re probably going to stop in Rome. If that is the case, stay at the luxurious and beautiful Sheraton Roma hotel. The Sheraton Roma Hotel is one of the largest hotels in the city. It is often said to be the best. The Roma hotel is also conveniently located and offers various amenities.

The Roma Hotel is located between The Fiamicino/Leonardo Davinci International Airport and the historical city center. There are many attractions near the Roma Hotel for those of you touring Rome. The Coliseum, Vatican City, and the Sistine Chapel are all just 4 miles away from the Roma Hotel. There are a total of 6 museums located within 5 miles of the Roma Hotel as well. For those of you with kids, there is an amusement park less right across from the Roma Hotel.

The Roma Hotel has a whopping 634 rooms. Each room at the Roma Hotel comes with the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed. The Roma Hotel even includes hi speed internet in its rooms. The Roma Hotel offers three kinds of rooms: Classic, Club, and Superior. Each type of room has a varying level of price and extra amenities offered by the Roma Hotel. Some include free newspapers, robes, and slippers! The staff at the Roma Hotel does their best to make sure all guests are treated like royalty. The Roma Hotel Even has a 24 hour service desk.

The Roma Hotel also offers 2 restaurants and 2 lounges. The Roma Hotel even has a seasonal poolside bar! The restaurants are very superb. They serve Italian and Mediterranean gourmet cuisine The Roma Hotel also has a shopping gallery that offers limousine service, car rental, men’s and women’s accessories, and a souvenir shop. Lastly, the Roma Hotel has a full size gym, a pool, 2 squash courts, and a jogging track.

The Roma Hotel is also a great place to host meetings and conferences. In fact, the Roma Hotel is widely used for this. The Roma Hotel has over 24 meeting rooms. The largest meeting room seats a stunning 1800 people! The Roma hotel does its best to make sure that your meetings are hi tech. All tables have hi speed internet incorporated right in them. There is also a touch screen global remote control system for the audio and visual equipment. There is even a projector available. For all of your conference or meeting needs, the Roma Hotel has it.

At the Sheraton Roma Hotel, you know you will feel like royalty. Reading about the Roma Hotel hardly does it justice. To truly see how beautiful the Roma Hotel is, you must see for yourself. It is quite breathtaking to look at.

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