The Clarion Hotel Stockholm

In one of my jaunts in Stockholm, I needed a place to stay and there was this unassumingly quaint establishment where I stayed for 3 nights. Unknown to me, I was able to discover a nice surprise at the Clarion Hotel Stockholm: so nice that I’ve decided that it’s worth mentioning to my friends and relatives a lot!

What I liked most about the Clarion hotel is the spectacular architecture. The design which is a combination of light backgrounds, dark wood and steel gives the hotel a light and airy feel. It was designed by the Swedish Architect Agency White Architects with the Norwegian design and architecture agency Aavik & Helling.

The Clarion Hotel is a bright and magnificent 532-room hotel with very wide function rooms. The objective of the company, “to raise the quality of life in staying with us” really proves it all. They stand by their objective to provide the best quality service to their guests. Each room ranges from the Standard to the luxurious Sder Sviten – South Suite. Each room is complete with world-class amenities that will definitely suit your needs for comfort and convenience during your entire stay.

Inside the Hotel Clarion Stockholm is airy and well lit. The dark colored wooden floor complements the bare but bright colored walls very well and guest room boasts of magnificent scenery of the city and relaxing greens. Apparently a heavenly night’s slumber seems to be the hotel’s primary concern, and that, they provided; no matter what the weather was outside, I always had the same peaceful rest night after night while I was staying at the Clarion.

Of course, the different types of cuisine and dishes served inside the Clarion Hotel’s restaurant also define the hotels reputations as a world-class hotel. It’ll make you look forward to every meal that you’ll have. Breakfast served boasts of a variety of fresh foods with their concept of pure healthy foods that will suit your palate. Breakfasts are served at 6:00 to 9:30 in the morning on weekdays and 7:00 to 10:30 in the morning on weekends. Hotel Clarion’s lunch and dinner are also as appetizing and healthy as their breakfasts which will definitely excite you for every meal.

The Clarion Hotel’s lounge caf or the C&Cs offers an informal atmosphere and live music. The hotel’s bar also known as the Upstairs Bar is characterized by its Nordic design and live music. This is where live concerts and art exhibits are also held.

Clarion Hotel in Stockholm is not just, of course, for relaxing or enjoying the foods. Staying in Clarion Hotel also means admiring and enjoying art. The Hotel contains precious pieces of collections specially bought from different galleries throughout Scandinavia. This is where business, as well as pleasure are truly combined. Business people, celebrities, locals, and visitors gather during the hotels exhibitions of the finest artworks in Scandinavia.

Music is also an important part of Clarion Hotel. Music soothes. It relaxes booth the mind and the body. That’s one important concept of Hotel Clarion. It incorporates music in their way of providing quality service to their customers. The songs played were not just the usual types of music; classical music with a taste of elegance. The Royal College of Music showcases their magnificent performance in Clarion Hotel.

Style, comfort, accessibility, and excellent quality packaging makes the Clarion Hotel Stockholm a class on its own, and needless to say if ever any of my close friends and relatives happen to visit Sweden anytime soon. This would be the first place I would point them to.

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