Network hotel security system is the overwhelming

As we all know, people flow, complex social background is the most typical features of the hotel, which makes the hotel in addition to the commitment to improve service quality, we have to pay close attention to how to protect the safety of consumer groups and the hotel itself. In the high-tech era, convenient, comfortable and safe living environment is a luxury hotel guests to choose from when one of the important considerations. Today happens to modern security technology has opened up a new value-added space for the domestic hotel managers to enhance the competitiveness of the hotel’s personalized for guests to create more humane living environment. The guests have also been great changes in consumer attitudes, people in choosing a hotel no longer simply concerned about whether the environment elegant hotel, the food is delicious, but also very concerned about the hotel’s security system is perfect. With the hotel everywhere across the country, and its increasingly fierce competition, the hotels are doing all they can to meet the needs of customers to create personalized services, effective security measures to improve security and customer satisfaction results are obvious. The hotel directly contributing to the growth in the number of hotel security growth in new markets, and modern hotel on the importance of security also helps to improve the security system in the hotel in the proportion of investment in various facilities. At the same time the emergence of new technologies will boost traditional hotel security system upgrading and transformation, today’s video surveillance network is in full towards experiencing the analog and the digital era after these two, this trend also affects the rapid development of the hotel industry , all types of hotels on network security needs become more urgent.
First, budget hotels and luxury hotels in the demand for network security increased substantially, budget hotels and luxury hotel in the great development of large expansion of the growth of China’s hotel industry two hot spots, these two hotels on the network security needs of all showed a substantial upward trend. And foreign hotels are mostly self-built properties are different, most of the domestic economy hotel leased properties are used, so they are more willing to choose wiring, installation advantages of the network are monitored in order to maximize cost control. In the ip monitoring system, only one network cable monitoring point nearest existing LAN to access the property, while the analog monitoring (CCTV) and semi-analog half digital surveillance (DVR) requires monitoring point between the monitoring center to re- emplaced multiple independent signal transmission cable, high cost, difficult construction, long life cycle. High-end hotel in order to enhance customer satisfaction very seriously the use of new technology, full coverage of the wireless network is a typical example of deploying wireless network was originally intended primarily for the convenience of our customers anytime, anywhere access to the Internet, but in recent years, with the wireless technology in the field of ip monitoring popularity, with wireless access capabilities of ip monitoring front-end start in large numbers, which makes ip monitoring based on wireless networks can be deployed. Each monitoring point just to install a wireless ip camera can access functions, construction workers no longer need to set up monitoring points in these complex transmission cable, so we achieved a hotel full sharing of wireless network resources and simplifies the installation of monitoring points, and the location of monitoring points can also be without geographical environment.
Second, the hotel group management spawned networking needs, along with the rapid development of China’s hotel industry and the rapid growth in the number of hotels, increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the Group of business to become an important way to enhance competitive advantage. Whether upscale hotel or economy hotel chain, this trend is very obvious. Group management of the hotel security put forward new requirements, usually, the company and its affiliated hotel will be separated in two places, and some are even transnational. In addition to local monitoring the achievement of the hotel, the hotel group companies but also their subordinates for centralized monitoring, surveillance remote networking needs of large numbers. In the early CCTV monitoring, all monitoring signals are transmitted via coaxial cable, coaxial cable transmission distance limitations by Group companies with subordinates can not be achieved between the hotels networking. And although some DVR supports remote viewing (Group companies can use remote access to the PC via the Internet on all its hotels DVR images) but the lack of a unified login interface and management authorization, logging operations, and therefore calls on the image inconvenient. The ip monitoring in networking has a unique advantage, simply deploy a management platform, you can through the Internet with subordinates monitoring system is connected to the hotel by the log management platform provides a unified interface, the user authorization and image control, the company can convenient Login entire system, and according to the appropriate authority for monitoring point image browsing, video-on-demand control and monitoring calls to facilitate unified management.
Third, integration trends improve network needs, the hotel industry has been integrated on the security there is a clear demand, but currently only the combination of video surveillance and alarm more optimistic, access control, patrol and other still relatively independent, building automation, fire alarm, elevator control systems, etc. The combination of weak buildings also significantly disadvantaged. One reason is because in the past half-analog and analog digital half do not have good openness and scalability, a general lack of standards in the security industry, the status quo can not be truly multi-system integration and unified management. IP monitoring all-IP architecture, even in the absence of uniform standards, its openness and scalability of the system can be ensured by simple secondary development to achieve full integration, and ip monitoring and management platform is the core center with a strong unified management , centralized control, and user authentication system linkage function, and thus, the trend of integration has to a certain extent, for network acceleration.

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