IT-flying Hospitality Business with Latest Hotel Management System

Hospitality business is the most taxing, complex, tedious and tough business to manage, probably next to medical care. In Hotel Industry, one unsatisfied guest is equivalent to loss of hundred potential guests. This in financial parlance means major loss of revenue. In the contemporary globalized world, every hotel, motel, resort and inn across the globe is under constant scrutiny through travel websites like Trip advisor, Holiday IQ and several others who have millions of members, apart from social networking sites like Face book, Twitter and many others, who have global following. A little delay in hotel reservation, a tiny glitch in billing during check out, inadvertent oversight in housekeeping, unforeseen delay in serving food and beverage or simply lukewarm response at the front desk by hotel staff, can cause serious loss of reputation for any hotel and thereby cause major loss of revenue in future. As the hospitality industry is dependent on interdepartmental cooperation and integration for better management, it is imperative to bring all the departments starting from front desk, room reservation, housekeeping, food & beverages, billing, call accounting, yield management, travel desk and overall property management under one umbrella through integrated Hotel Management System by installing world class Hotel Management Software provided by Mirage Hotel System.

Mirage Hotel System not only provides world class Hotel Management Software, but also solves every hotel operators’ dilemma of assigning rooms to the taste and comfort of the visitors, keeping in mind their budgetary constraints as well as the present and future revenue generation of the hotel from the guests checking in. This is done through state of the art Hotel Property Management Software, which is part of the Hotel Management Software provided by Mirage Hotel System. Through the Hotel Property Management Software operator can see both occupancy and vacancy of all the rooms of the hotel and reserve the same for any interested guest with the click of the mouse. Not only that, an auto generated instant booking confirmation e-mail and SMS is sent to the customer, confirming his hotel reservation with type and number of the selected room.

The other hassle that most hoteliers face is maintaining proper records of food & beverage consumed by the in-house guests, as it is ordered often over intercom facility and no records are kept, which makes it very difficult while preparing the hotel bill incurred by the customer. Mirage Hotel System addresses this issue by integrating Food & Beverages system software in its’ Property Management System, once again a integral part of Hotel Management Software so that the Food and Beverage System provides you with tools necessary to better manage inventory, track sales and analyze the productivity of employees. Integration with the front office provides customized information about the hotel guest and allows for combined Hotel & F&B Revenue Reports. Mirage Food and Beverage system is a complete point of sale software with comprehensive inventory and receiving capabilities. Inventory is set up by item and ingredient, deducting from on-hand amount as menu selections are chosen for preparation. Printers in the kitchen, bar etc. will automatically print the items needed from each location as the order is entered. Mirage Food & Beverage pricing options give you the ability to set up fourteen separate pricing levels automatically changing depending upon the time of day.
Another software introduced by Mirage Hotel System as part of its Property Management system is the call accounting software which provides comprehensive tracking of all calls made by guests. Easy to use and modify, this package will pay for itself in just a few months by eliminating high-priced third party maintenance costs. Telephone usage and price management is in your hands. Track all phone calls made per room, including the number of calls, length, and cost. Calls are billed according to self-maintained markup percentages and interfaced with the Mirage Hotel management system for a complete billing solution.

In every Hotel, Motel, Inn or Resort, the most important job is handled by the front desk people, as they are the single point of contact between the guests and the overall Hotel Management system. They are responsible for check in and check out of the guests as well as maintaining all billing, accounting, room change, room reinstating, room blocking for maintenance and explaining charges for each service rendered to the customers apart from welcoming every guest with a smile during checking in and bidding them goodbye with the massage to visit the hotel again. In short, they are the brand ambassadors of the Hospitality business. Keeping this in mind Mirage Hotel System has developed a special Hotel Front Desk Software, which provides the front desk people the ability to prepare one-step room billing with complete display of all charges and payments, simple and fast check in and checkout, complete audit trail Utilities to simplify complex transactions such as room transfer, reinstating checked-out rooms, extending stays, blocking sections, transferring charges to another room, accounts receivable etc, apart from travel agent commission tracking, aging and check printing as well as Corporate billing and accounts receivable statement generation and transaction history.
Mirage Hotel System also empowers the hoteliers to analyze and suggest the most profitable room yields through its’ unique Yield Management system, an integral part of Property Management System. The Yield Management system analyzes the multilevel pricing structure and automatically proposes rates based upon future occupancy trends. Extensive room forecasting capabilities help you project the number of rooms that will be sold. Room rates can be changed based upon a specific date, room/reservation type, and occupancy with on-screen display of suggested daily rates, which eliminates the tedious daily maintenance of room rates. Mirage Yield Management is cost-efficient and provides you feature no one else can offer.

Mirage Hotel System also provides remote access to Mirage Property management System. Not only will your staff be able to access the system from any work station on the property, but you will also be able to access it through any available Internet connection. You will never lose access to critical information about your business because you are not on the premises.

Mirage Hotel System also secures all sensitive data of its clients in hospitality business by storing them in servers which come with SSD drives (With RAID1 configuration) to protect your data and make it available to you 24/7 even if your Internet is down. Reliability and security of data is very important to us, to protect your customers’ credit card data we DO NOT keep any Credit card information on our servers, they are all kept safely on the credit card possessing system to safeguard your clients from electronic identity theft. Even the credit card readers are encrypted keeping our software out of the PCI compliance scope.

In Summation, one can say that Mirage Hotel System is the leading provider of Hotel Management Software USA, with 30 years of experience in providing world class Hotel Management Software and Property Management system to hospitality business all across USA. The quality of service provided by the company can be gauged from the fact that Mirage Hotel System’s Hotel Management Software USA has been appreciated by leading lights of hospitality business in USA, as evident from the testimonials given by them, which can be found at the company’s website .
To know more about Mirage Hotel System and the different kinds of integrated Hotel Management System developed by the company, please visit the website to IT-flying your hospitality business with latest Hotel Management system.

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