Introduction of Two Kinds Common Hotel Mini Fridges

Common Classification of Hotel Mini Fridge

With the flourish of China’s hotel industry, hotel room refrigerators have become the basic standard of hotel star ratings. The oldest hotel refrigerator is mainly the small refrigerator with compressor refrigeration. And with the development of science and technology, manufacturers have introduced a new kind of refrigerator — semiconductor electronic refrigerator. This kind of new energy-saving hotel fridge is also called room refrigerator, some people called it semiconductor room refrigerator, and hotel fridge. Hotel refrigerator has two main cooling modes, one is to use international advanced semiconductor cooling technology, and manufactured by a specially designed refrigeration cooling system; and the other kind is manufactured by the absorption hotel refrigerator, this absorption-style is made by the compressor refrigeration technology.

Advantage & Features of Semiconductor Hotel Refrigerator

The absorption-style hotel fridge is noise when it is working, and the semiconductor has excellent refrigeration effect, and it has a series of advantages such as no compressor, no Freon, no vibration, ultra-low noise (less than 30dB), ultra-low energy consumption, long service life, automatic temperature control, energy saving and environmental protection. This kind of small fridge is a utility model using advanced electronic refrigeration technology. Nowadays, many hotels choose this kind of small refrigerator of various sizes, and the inns, leisure places, star hotels would prefer to use this semiconductor environmental fridge. Soon, the semiconductor hotel mini refrigerator replaces the traditional compressor refrigerator, since it does not contain Freon, no noise, and when the refrigerator works it will not affect the normal rest of the guests. And what’s more, there is very important environmental significance for the protection of the ozone layer and protecting the Earth’s environment for human survival. Therefore, the semiconductor mini refrigerator is a green and healthy alternative to the compressor refrigerator.

Application of Semiconductor Hotel Small Fridge

The semiconductor hotel small refrigerator products are especially suitable for hotel rooms, the restaurant VIP room, recreation room, a single apartment, student dormitories, offices, family bedrooms, hospital wards and other places. It can be used to refrigerate food, drinks, fruit drinks, cosmetics, and even medicines can be stored; or even cigarettes, tea, very convenient and practical. Especially senior star hotel must establish a green and healthy image of choice. The series of hotel small refrigerator developed by WELLWAY has different specifications, you can select a different hotel capacity refrigerator according to the wine counters and you can also base on the actual needs of retrofitting existing style to add door locks for the hotel refrigerator. is a leading company engaged in hotel appliance design and manufacture since 1997. We keep on studying and designing hotel mini refrigerator (also hotel mini fridge) used in guestroom for many years. Welcome to visit our website!

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