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Hotels are great places to relax after a long day enjoying the sights while on vacation. While out taking in all there is to do, guests put faith that the hotel is a safe place for their belongings. Hotel insurance not only provides property and contents coverage for hotels, but hotel insurance also provides liability coverage to protect from injuries as well.

Hotels are very service intensive businesses requiring many employees to keep everything operating smoothly. The hotel also has a lot of property to keep track of, from equipment such as waffle makers and juice dispensers to laundry machines and even all the linen from the beds. Hotel insurance provides important, valuable protection to hotel property from many perils. The insured perils on a hotel insurance policy can vary depending on the property and what the owner of the hotel wants the hotel insurance policy to cover. Hotel insurance also protects hotel contents, including contents owned by guests, from damage or loss. Damage or loss can come from damage to the property or damage or loss caused by an employee or other guest possibly stealing or vandalizing contents. Property coverage in hotel insurance can also extend to business interruption coverage. Business interruption coverage in hotel insurance protects from financial losses while a hotel property is being repaired from an insured peril. Business interruption coverage in hotel insurance can also extend to rented property and contents, such as a temporary office or rented tables and chairs for a banquet hall.

Hotel insurance also has comprehensive liability coverage. Since hotels have many employees and their business revolves around hosting many guests, an accident occurring unfortunately cannot be asked as “if” but “when.” A simple slip and fall on a wet spot at a hotel’s breakfast serving area can be enough for a person to file a lawsuit, however hotel insurance liability coverage pays for medical expenses and covers legal fees if a legal claim is made against the hotel. Hotel insurance liability coverage limits can be very high depending on the number of employees and the capacity of the hotel itself. Hotel insurance also protects from theft by employees of hotel property and the legal expenses associated with prosecuting employees.

Since hotels are an integral part of many vacations and other trips, they are often seen as a safe place to rest, relax, and store contents while off of the property. Hotel insurance ensures that this is the case or that the party claiming a loss will be compensated. Finding hotel insurance for any hotel can be a very daunting task. Each hotel is different and requires attention from an insurance agent to be sure the hotel insurance policy is the best for the hotel. Independent insurance agents can use their affiliation with a variety of insurance providers to find the best, most cost effective hotel insurance policy for any hotel.

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