If You Are Not Expecting Space, Hotelzone Hotel In Finland Is Ideal For You

When the plane touched the landing ground at Helsinki Airport, the first thing that crossed our minds was about the place where we were going to reside. This was our first travel to Finland and naturally we were concerned about the qualitative and other aspects of the hotels there. Of course through our agency we had booked the Hotelzone hotel and were assured of good quality, neatness and cleanness and excellent customer services. We had our own doubts whether in comparison to the hotels and their facilities in America, the Finnish hotels will come up befitting the task of hosting us nicely.

I would certainly like the hotel for anyone who is on matka (Finnish representation of travel) to Finland. The hotel contains a bag of charm and character. At the same time the staffs were very pleasant. Staying in the hotel could be unforgettable unique experience for many accustomed to rather shady behavior of hotel staff in many countries.

Of course the rooms in this Helsinki hotel are not massive. They are not supposed to be as the hotel has retained faithfully some of the characters of the old prison it was. Cell walls, window grills and such others have been retained even today. But apart from the slight constraints of space, everything in the hotel is good and pleasant for the campers there. Whether it is overall value, the rooms, cleanliness, service, and sleep quality, it has something to offer everyone. Yes, the location is a bit of distance from the central city, but that is ignorable while considering the facilities offered by the hotel.

As a frequent traveler, I am always a bit concerned about expenses and savings. In terms of affordability the hotel rooms offer good prospects for those coming here purely for the purpose of matka. Prices in the range of $ 105-$ 233 are considerably inexpensive in comparison to similar hotels in London or most other parts of Europe. Moreover, despite its distance from the city centre, it is located at a quieter part of the city. Good for people who are of creative nature like me. I found my writings not disturbed by untoward sounds and other disturbing elements during my stay in this hotel.

Apart from car rentals and space for parking, the hotel also arranges for conducted tours for the tourists and travelers. Prices are reasonable and affordable in comparison to rates of such services in United States. Most of the drivers speak English besides their local language and thus the traveler finds it convenient. Whether it is matka in the city or around it, the traveler will not face problems of communication and site seeing becomes convenient with driver taking the role of guide most of the times. Of course one can hire guides at the sites or for the city matka but that could turn out to be a rather expensive proposition for many.

For pre arranged visits, some of the major advantages for the travelers and visitors are the huge discounts offered by the hotel. It is not a universal applicability process and hence it will be good to enquire about the discounts before booking your room. In our case with pre-arranged visit to the hotel we were able to strike a deal with 10% discount which was substantial saving for us. We will certainly like to come back to this hotel time and again.

The quality of services of this hotel is really great, because everything i want is here.

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