I Will Certainly Recommend This Hotel For Anyone Wishing To Stay Alone, With Spouse, Friends And Associates Or Booking The Rooms For Foreign Guests.

As a couple fond of traveling across the world, we have the experience of staying at multiple hotels including those in our own country, Canada. Since this was our first ever trip to Finland, we were naturally a bit apprehensive about the quality of the hotel and services offered. We had selected the hotelzone hotel at Helsinki since it seemed to offer good amenities at an affordable price.

We took taxi straight from airport at Helsinki to the hotel. Therefore I am not very sure how the public transport would fare for to and fro travel to the hotel. While the hotel is at some distance from the main terminal station at the Finnair Airport Bus, it feels really posh with an extremely neat and clean environment. Especially the bathrooms were delightful. Unique feature of the hotel is that the staffs are all dressed in prison clothes and numbers. While I found it a little off the beaten track though the walk through the main entrance was pretty delightful. Like most other hotels in Finland , breakfast is offered but at the peak times finding a table to sit might be a problem. It would be good choosing some alternative time for it. Rooms have very high walls. To me it seemed that two or more prison cells were used to create a room. Room service was pretty good and overall everything in the hotel was satisfactory.

Every room in this hotel was used as prison cells in the past and faithful to the heritage of the past, the hotel management had retained some features in every room even today. Windows are small and located at higher altitudes in comparison to regular windows. However, when opened these windows account for substantial amount of daylight. So anyone who is on matka (travel) to Finland will not find these rooms alien. Moreover the rooms were quite spacious and not like the traditional prisons cells in any way.

Complimentary breakfast in the morning had a host of items to choose from. One can choose from fresh fruits, cereals, yogurts, deli meats, cheeses, meatballs, and pastries. It was a great time in course of our matka (that means travel in Finnish language) and our only regret was why we did not make our stay longer. We had no option though as our schedules were already pre-fixed but given the option I will certainly like to come back here again and again, especially when we visit Finland again.

No one should forget to experience it that would make their matka to Finland really memorable. You can stay in the bath to your hearts content and believe me, the spooky feeling will soon disappear. Just walk into the steam bath straightaway without any reservations.

When you are on the matka on your own either with hotel arranged tours or on public transports, or any other, you can also order for the snacks and foods of your liking. It could be omelet of multiple types, chicken, bacon, pancakes, sandwiches or any such thing. Though the hotel is about ten minutes away from the city center, with excellent tram services around you will not find it difficult moving to any part of the city.

If you do not like to spend much on the tour and travel around the city, you can resort to the excellent tram services that can transport you to any part of the city. And the best part of it is that the tram is available as soon as you get out of the hotel entrance.

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